Kindred Spirits Review

May 9, 2018
Jonathon Wilson 1
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A fast and fun short story that works as a prelude to Christie Golden’s canon novel Dark Disciple, Kindred Spirits also introduces the prospect of space pirate adventures in the form of new character Lassa Rhayme.


Originally printed in Issue 159 of the Star Wars Insider magazine, Christie Golden’s Kindred Spirits is a canon short story intended as a prelude to her novel, Dark Disciple. It picks up after the sixth season of The Clone Wars and reintroduces a somewhat reformed Asajj Ventress as a bounty hunter, as well as introducing a new character, Lassa Rhayme.

In only six pages there isn’t much to be gleaned from Kindred Spirits beyond Lassa, the captain of the pirate ship Opportunity and the leader of the Blood Bone Order. Here she teams up with Ventress to retrieve an item of value from Hondo Ohnaka, another regular ruffian in the animated series.

Ventress probably wouldn’t ever work as a straight-up hero; she’s too morally fluid, and better for it, but that means she needs a foil. In Dark Disciple it was Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos; here in Kindred Spirits, it’s Lassa, a Pantoran pirate on the trail of a stolen ship called the Steady On and the booty it inevitably contains. It sounds like a recipe for shenanigans, and probably heavy drinking, both of which occur.

I’m a simple man, and so the idea of space pirates appeals to me. Golden’s writing feels true to The Clone Wars in how it captures the voices of Ventress and Hondo, but as I was more interested in Lassa, I was disappointed we didn’t see more of her. Perhaps we will in other corners of the canon. A man can hope.

Despite its brevity and generally forgettable nature, Kindred Spirits tells a quick anecdotal story of Ventress’ escapades away from The Clone Wars. It works as a lead-in to Dark Disciple, in which Lassa briefly cameos and the events chronicled here are briefly mentioned, but doesn’t offer much beyond that other than the prospect of spacefaring buccaneers. Hey, I’m not complaining.

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