Ranking the Superheroes Fans Hope to See in Wonder Woman 2

May 10, 2018
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Following the box office and critical success of 2017’s Wonder Woman, it’s no surprise that fans are already clamoring about who they want to see in the upcoming sequel. The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) needs another home run after the poor performance of Justice League. With Wonder Woman currently the flagship hero in the DC lineup, many fans are speculating which superheroes could appear in the sequel alongside her.


In an interview with Cinema Blend the star of CW’s Supergirl Melissa Benoist revealed that producers are bridging the gap between the DCEU and DC’s shows on the CW Network. While her version of the character is unlikely to appear in DCEU films, Warner Bros. will no doubt be considering the potential of bringing together the two most powerful women in their universe. A ‘Batman v. Superman’ type of showdown would be a very interesting idea.

Zatanna Zatara

Zatanna is one of the few magic users in the DC Universe. If you’re unfamiliar with the character, think of her as DC’s Doctor Strange. Sweety High explain that Zatanna’s powers come from the fact that she belongs to a race of humans who can wield magic. Comic book fans consider Zatanna to be one of the most underrated female heroes of all time, and we couldn’t agree more. In the comics, she eventually becomes a member of the Justice League. A major role in Wonder Woman 2 would be a great way to set up her appearance in the Justice League sequel.

Trevor Barnes

This little-known DC character was Wonder Woman’s love interest in the comics. But unlike the soldier Steve Trevor, Barnes prefers to do his good work not with bullets, but as a human rights advocate for the UN. Not only would he be a natural fit in the DCEU, he would also be a refreshing take on the male superhero love interest – with lots of workable story angles to complement the already epic events in Wonder Woman.

Donna Troy AKA Wonder Girl

Previous iterations of Donna Troy come with conflicting origin stories. One depicts her as an orphan rescued by Wonder Woman and placed in the care of Themyscira’s Amazons. An even more interesting take reveals that like Diana, she was formed from clay, but with the sole purpose of being the one living weapon that can take out our hero. Either way, it’ll make for a great storyline in the sequel.


Seeing that the cinematic version of Wonder Woman adopted DC’s New 52 origin story for Diana, it’s fair to expect that her father Zeus will make his much-awaited appearance in the sequel. Even so, his actual role in the story is still very much open to speculation. Will he prove to be a valuable source of counsel for Wonder Woman as she battles a new global threat, or will a twist in the story reveal him to be the main antagonist? Considering how comic books and their cinematic universes tend to change directions midway through storylines, it could go either way.

Whatever happens in the sequel, having a version of the King of Olympus appear in Wonder Woman 2 will potentially open up the franchise to an even larger audience. After all, Zeus has his own following outside of the Wonder Woman mythos. Out of all the Greek mythology gods, Zeus is arguably the most globally recognized, and the god of thunder has been used many times in fiction as well as presented in many different ways. The Foxy Casino game Zeus: God of Thunder presents the classic image of the character that most people will recognize: big beard, Greek muscles, and lots of lightning. As Wonder Woman has already subverted the norms of the superhero genre, we imagine that her father will look and appear quite different. Not only will Zeus be a welcome addition to Wonder Woman 2, he’s also bound to attract new fans that could prove loyal to the franchise.