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Episode 105 | Deadpool and Unconventional Superheroes

Deadpool - Unconventional Superheroes - Movie Podcast

This is Episode 105 of the Ready Steady Cut Movie Podcast. On this episode, our main discussion is Deadpool and Unconventional Superheroes. With the release of Deadpool 2 coming to cinemas soon, we have a fun discussion about the original. 

Also, as usual, we talk about Highlight of the Week at RSC and Hot Topics are Dr Dre’s trademark lawsuit, Scarlett Johanson’s dress controversy and Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’. We also engage with listeners regarding their thoughts on Deadpool.

Episode Summary:

00:38 – Introduction and Episode Summary
03:15 – Highlights of the Week
06:18 – Hot Topics
29:57 – Deadpool and Unconventional Superheroes
51:00 – Messages from our Listeners
59:47 – Jonathon’s Game
1:16:05 – Final Comments

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