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Episode 111 | Sicario 1, Denis Villeneuve, Incredibles 2 and Hereditary

Sicario - Movie Podcast

This is Episode 111 of the Ready Steady Cut Movie Podcast. On this episode, our main discussion is Sicario 1 in preparation for the hotly anticipated sequel. 

As well as discussing Sicario, we debate Hot Topics which are the Comcast attempt to buy Fox, The Shining sequel, diversity in film criticism and the Love Island diversity debate. At the end of the show, Jonathon delivers his review and verdict of Hereditary and Incredibles 2. As usual, the team provide plenty of debates about the world of film.

Episode Summary:

00:40 – Introduction and Episode Summary
08:23 – Hot Topics
42:04 – Sicario 1 and Denis Villeneuve discussion
1:00:35 – Hereditary and Incredibles 2 Spoiler Free Review
1:17:15 – Final Comments

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