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June 29, 2018
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Here is what is new on Netflix June 29th 2018. It’s a bumper day, with some fantastic new original content on the streaming giant. As usual, the team at Ready Steady Cut are ready to provide you with coverage on the day. Happy Netflix Friday!

Glow Season 2

Ladies and not gentlemen, the women of wrestling are back for the second season of Glow, gracing themselves with spandex and glitter. If you missed the first season then you will need to catch up, because this is worth the binge. If you enjoy Orange is the New Black then you are in luck, because it is created by the same people and their writing style shines through in this wrestling drama.

Glow is based on a true story from the 80s, about a group of women who start their own wrestling show that captures the imagination of the public. Season 2 follows the women of GLOW as they become local celebrities, confronting the good, the bad, and the ugly realities of their newfound fame.

Find out more – here is the review.

Watch it on Netflix now.


If you want some true escapism then TAU maybe the Netflix film for you. The story follows a woman who is held captive in a smart A.I house. Now, we already have smartphones, speakers, cars and central heating – this may be a glimpse into a dark, sinister future.

The lead character attempts to escape by befriending the A.I program that controls the house. This anticipated Netflix movie is not to be missed!

Find out more – here is the review.

Watch it on Netflix now.

Recovery Boys

It is well documented that America is going through an opioid epidemic. Netflix original documentary Recovery Boys follows four men attempting to restore their lives and mend broken relationships after years of drug abuse.

Followed by a documentary crew for 18 months, the quartet, all from the desolate mining colony of Morgantown, West Virginia, attempt to navigate the pulsing arteries in the pockmarked heart of America’s opioid epidemic.

Find out more – here is the review.

Watch it on Netflix now.

Kiss Me First

Kiss Me First Netflix ReviewReady Player One meets Black MirrorReady Black Mirror One?

Kiss Me First is a new Netflix series that follows Leila, a lonely girl trying to cope with the death of her mother. She finds solace in Azana, a virtual world, as Shadowfax. It’s in this digital paradise that she finds “Red Pill”, a group of equally disenfranchised loners lead by the enigmatic Adrian. However, things aren’t entirely what they seem and Leila becomes involved in a deadly mystery.

Kiss Me First will certainly scratch a few heads.

Find out more – here is the review.

Watch it on Netflix now (link will be populated here when available on the platform).

I don’t know about you, but it sounds to me like a great day on Netflix. Where do you start? Anyway, that is everything that is out on Netflix on June 29th, 2018 in terms of original content.

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