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July 17, 2018
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No sooner after Netflix release an apocalypse movie, they release another blockbuster film. This time, the end of the world involves aliens. I know what you are thinking: this will be another Bright or How It Ends. Let’s be a little bit more enthusiastic because they are going to have to nail this eventually. Netflix has not shouted out loud about this movie yet in terms of marketing activities, but here we are with the Extinction official trailer.

Premise and Release Date

Extinction unfolds a father’s terrifying ordeal as the world prepares for an invasion. He begins to have nightmares about the future regarding unknown forces that attack the earth. When his unwanted nightmares begin to affect his relationship with his family, he soon realizes they may be the key to a horrible reality. A relentless alien attack begins to destroy the Earth. As the invaders’ assault progresses, he is forced to find the strength to protect his family. He also begins to understand who he truly is.

Extinction is written by Spenser Cohen. Directed by Ben Young.

The Netflix film will be released on July 27, 2018, globally.


Michael Pena, Lizzy Caplan, Mike Colter, Israel Broussard.

extinction official trailer reaction

As someone who has experienced nearly every Netflix film from the last two years, Extinction hardly removes my cynical outlook at the streaming giant’s attempt to provide an elevating blockbuster in our living rooms. The trailer is exciting and the premise has promise, but if it turns out like the previous Netflix “blockbusters” then we could be in for another dud. I am not trying to be purposefully miserable; more realistic. I want Netflix to prove me wrong and provide an original blockbuster worth replaying on their platform. Fortunately, the Extinction official trailer does look appealing and hopefully, Michael Pena as the lead actor pulls it out of the bag.

Let me know your thoughts on the trailer. Will you be adding this Netflix film to your list on July 27th?

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