Mr. Sunshine (Miseuteo Shunshain) Episode 6 Review

July 22, 2018
Daniel Hart 1
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Mr. Sunshine episode 6 provides some fine moments as all three main men figure out their private objectives.

It happened. Mr. Sunshine episode 6 provided the groundbreaking moment we have been politely waiting for. Eugene, Hui-Seong and Gu Dong-mae are put in the same room with each other. Episode 6 rewards patience, allowing all three men to calculate the missing piece of the puzzle – Ae-sin. Many questions were raised.

The most important question to be asked, which Mr. Sunshine lays out in front of us, is what are Hui-Seong and Gu Dong-mae going to do about Eugene. Episode 6 provided scenes of foreign dislike, with Eugene on the receiving end of been named American on a few occasions. Eugene clearly cannot resist his roots, with memories flooding back on every corner. Mr. Sunshine episode 6 provided the warm up to the main event, where all three men are polite as they can be; drinking at bars together whilst each set of eyes figures each other out. The body language on display was a thing of great performance by all the actors, along with some fine editing to switch the dialogue with movements.

Mr. Sunshine does well to heighten the tensions and question the viability of Joseon, which is barely hanging on by a thread from foreign powers. Americans seem the most civil, however, Eugene finally comes across the dreaded elusive fund deposit certificate, which puts himself in danger for having it in his possession. Episode 6 demonstrates how the brewing romance and the lingering romance will most probably reach its pinnacle at the same time, with hard decisions to be made from all involved characters.

Mr. Sunshine Episode 6 - Review - Netflix

You would think by now Lady Ae-sin would sense the growing danger around her; three men, a colonisation brewing and foreign powers becoming more suspecting each day. Mr. Sunshine episode 6 gives the audience what we want from this character which she showed all the way back in episode 2 – courage. It appears that since we got a glimpse of her night missions that she has just blundered around the markets eating sweets and figuring out what to do with Eugene, but we find ourselves watching her scoping the streets at night with Joseon yet again. This time it is to return the dreaded gun, which initiated a more accepting romantic scene; Eugene, who should have really arrested her by now, decided to walk her back to a sensible place rather than investigating her for the stolen weapon. This was a telling scene, as both characters enjoyed each other’s company openly for the first time.

I was beginning to wonder if Mr. Sunshine episode 6 was going to give us a revealing moment to bring a complete instalment. That moment came in the form of Eugene figuring out that Hui-Seong is the son of the authoritative family that enslaved him many years ago. I expected violence, but it is apparent that Eugene is not the aggressor type. To be fair to Hui-Seong, he appeared relaxed about it, wondering if it was his father or grandfather who had wronged Eugene.

As episode 6 came to a close, I got thinking about the slavery aspect of this show, which pesters Eugene’s entire being. There is an obvious sense in this community that, “once you are a slave, you are always a slave here”. This forced me to feel more sympathetic to the character after a horrifying pilot. Even after years of moulding himself into a grand American, he cannot really release himself from the shackles of slavery, which higher authorities of Joseon always reiterate. I hope there is some kind of closure on this, yet it appears this theme will be one of the deciding factors of how this series ends.

Mr. Sunshine episode 6 keeps asking the questions and usefully giving us some answers.

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