‘Ultimate Beastmaster: Survival of the Fittest’ Coming to Netflix August 31

July 25, 2018
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Prepare yourself. Are you ready for “The Beast”? Netflix is. The Beast Awakens August 31 on Netflix with the debut of  Ultimate Beastmaster: Survival of the Fittest. 

For each localized version in the U.S., Italy, France, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, as well as new U.K., Australia and Germany territories, local celebrity hosts and popular athletes will provide their own commentary throughout the competition. The hosts for each country include the following…

Hosts for Ultimate Beastmaster: Survival of the Fittest:

U.S.:  Tiki Barber (Former NFL Player and Sports Commentator) and CM Punk (Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and WWE Champion)
U.K.: Stu Bennett (Professional Wrestler and Actor) and Kate Abdo (Sports Journalist)
Australia: Dannii Minogue (Singer, Actress & TV Personality) and Nick Cummins (Former Rugby International now Media Personality)
Brazil: Anderson Silva (Mixed Martial Arts Fighter) and Rafinha Bastos (Comedian)
Germany: Micky Beisenherz (Radio and Television Host) and Jeannine Michaelsen (Actress)
France: Gilles Marini (Actor) and Sandy Heribert (Sports Journalist)
Italy: Francesco Facchinetti aka DJ Francesco (Italian DJ, Producer, Singer and TV Presenter) and Bianca Balti (Supermodel)
Mexico: Inés Sainz (Sports Journalist) and Luis Ernesto Franco (Actor)
South Korea: Kyung Suk Su (Actor, Comedian and TV host) and Katy Park (Kyeong Rim Park) (Actress, Comedian and TV host)

There are many different characters in the mix to cover Ultimate Beastmaster: Survival of the Fittest, as the stakes are raised in the third season as over 100 competitors from nine countries compete for more than just a title…

Ultimate Beastmaster - Survival of the Fittest - Netflix - August 31

About Ultimate Beastmaster

(Courtesy of Netflix)

Ultimate Beastmaster: Survival of the Fittest is a nine-episode event series featuring over 100 competitors from nine countries. Those countries include: U.S., U.K., Australia, Germany, Brazil, Italy, France, South Korea and Mexico.

Each episode, competitors will take their shot at running one of the most physically demanding obstacle courses ever devised, “The Beast.” At the end of each episode, a ‘Beastmaster’ will be crowned and in the final episode of the season, the nine individual winners from each episode will compete against each other for the chance for one contestant to become the Ultimate Beastmaster. Dave Broome, Sylvester Stallone, Yong Yam and Kevin-King-Templeton serve as executive producers on the series. Ultimate Beastmaster: Survival of the Fittest is produced by 25/7 Productions and Dave Broome for Netflix.

Ultimate Beastmaster: Survival of the Fittest launches globally on August 31, exclusively on Netflix.

Expect a lot of blood, sweat and tears!

Photo credit: Netflix

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