‘Mr. Sunshine’ (‘Miseuteo Shunshain’) Episode 9 | TV Recap

August 4, 2018
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Mr. Sunshine episode 9 is more romantic, however, it allows the other dangerous issues to brew, giving an impactful instalment.

Mr. Sunshine episode 9 is a soppy version of the series itself, opening up with the first ever hug between Lady Ae-sin and Eugene from the last episode. The former Joseon man looked relieved, after weeks of sneaking around her, he finally understood where he stood with someone he looked incredibly nervous around. Eugene does not just experience a hug, he finally confirms he stands behind her in the unspoken revolution. Her comrades immediately threaten Eugene so he knows where he stands. The Righteous Army are not trusting people, but he can take comfort that their association is direct with Ae-sin.

With both leading characters finally embracing each other, Mr. Sunshine episode 9 went full romantic, with saccharine music taking control for the most part, however, as always in Joseon there is always something brewing with the threat of foreigners still raging. Gu-Dong Mae is not a man that the audience can trust, as with each episode he tends to do what he is instructed with his violent methods. He is probably Joseon’s most feared man on the streets, yet I cannot quite place his role in the whole of this. It’s abundantly obvious that he is in love with Lady Ae-sin but his actual agenda lacks. What’s worrying but intriguing is that he finally infiltrating the Righteous Army, after he suspects Lady Ae-sin is roaming the roofs shooting at undesirables.

Mr. Sunshine Episode 9 - Recap - Netflix

The Glory Hotel took centre stage again in Mr. Sunshine episode 9, with the owner doing her customary job of spying on the guests. Lady Ae-sin bravely goes to Eugene’s room, draped in her cloak attire so the hotel does not suspect anything. Meanwhile, Hui-Seong appears to be gambling away his money, serving not much use to the plot apart from the fact that he is from the slave owner’s family that wronged Eugene’s parents. Hui-Seong predictably resists Lady Ae-sin’s advances to break off the engagement but the theme of power continues, with the smug Joseon man giving every intention that he will resist.

Mr. Sunshine episode 9 ends with an incredible turn of events, showing the strategic flair that Eugene possesses. For a few episodes now he has allowed the motive of revenge to burn on his mind, and that revenge came in a brutal sense. The man that wronged his family is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Eugene cleverly plants the bank deposit certificate that should be in the hands of the Joseon government in his house. Hiding the deposit certificate that shows the intentions of foreign powers is a traitorous act in Joseon, leaving the minister executed on his doorstep. Episode 9 offered a significant movement by Eugene, allowing him to succeed in his revenge.

But Eugene’s moments did not end. In fact, it got more personal for the former Joseon man. He finally confesses to Lady Ae-sin that he used to be from Joseon and in fact, a slave. Lady Ae-sin will now truly understand why Eugene does not leave much of his heart for Joseon, but will it have any ramifications for their romance? Mr. Sunshine episode 9 serves some delightful answers, some tense moments and finally some sensible romance, but it also ends with more questions to be answered.

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