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‘Mr. Sunshine’ (‘Miseuteo Shunshain’) Episode 11 | TV Recap Best til last

Mr. Sunshine Episode 11 - TV RECAP


Mr. Sunshine episode 11 ends in thrilling fashion, however, overall it was an almost filler instalment to the series.

Originally, I was going to criticise this entire episode due to the number of lazy, unnecessary recaps, but then Mr. Sunshine episode 11 ended in the best fight scene so far in the series with the Glory Hotel owner Kudo Hina donning a freaky mask.

Kudo Hina was fighting Lady Ae-sin, who was in her usual nighttime attire. Both women were searching the hotel room of Eugene, looking for a significant letter that would put Eugene’s position in Joseon in jeopardy. Watching the two warring women fight, one with a rifle and the other with a fencing sword, brought a thrilling climax to an almost boring episode.

Mr. Sunshine episode 11 continued the heartbreaking situation that Lady Ae-sin and Eugene face. It’s clear that the departing Eugene is taking his sweet ass time to leave for obvious reasons, despite a pending transfer incoming. Lady Ae-sin spends much of the episode pondering about her many confrontations with Eugene, which usually ended in tears streaming down her face. Their relationship made little progress in what felt like a filler episode for the most part.

Mr. Sunshine did take a slight swerve involving Gu-Dong Mae, who seemingly got surprisingly romantic with the Glory Hotel owner. Both characters have an aggressive approach to every scenario; both spoke strongly to each other with piercing eyes, but it was apparent that something warm is blossoming. It was an enlightening moment when Kudo Hina referred to Lady Ae-sin as a bitch, which I thought would have angered Gu-Dong Mae but instead, he appeared relaxed, exchanging a complimenting but reminding her that such ugly words should never leave her mouth.

The new Minister of Foreign Affairs was assassinated, making that role feel cursed, but now all eyes are on Eugene, who caught someone searching his room. The man he caught is a drug addict so Eugene has the task to find out why he is being searched and more importantly, how can he get out of an increasingly dangerous situation; especially since he is an ex- Joseon slave turned American being involved with a nobleman’s daughter.

Meanwhile, the almost empty Hui-seong is still trying to save his dead engagement with Lady Ae-sin by trying to initiate plans and buying her grand gifts. To be fair, he does become useful when Gu-Dong Mae threatens her regarding the debts she needs to repay, reminding the street assassin that he is the richest man in Joseon.

We did learn in the end that Eugene wishes for Lady Ae-sin’s objectives to be achieved, which is for Joseon to be saved. However, Mr. Sunshine episode 11 was a bit of a waste of time until the end.

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