‘Follow This’ | Netflix Series Review

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 16, 2018
Follow This - Netflix Series - BuzzFeed - Review


Netflix documentary series Follow This gives us insight into the newsroom of BuzzFeed in bite-sized, effective episodes.

I often forget when I am sat in the comfort of my own home commentating on films that there are journalists in the world that are on foot, delivering news stories that we could never have imagined. I probably take it for granted. Nevertheless, BuzzFeed has kindly given Netflix access to an easy-to-watch series, opening the doors to the world of journalists, with each 10-20 minute episode offering a different intriguing subject. Follow This is a bite-sized offering, but it’s enough to articulate the points.

Netflix’s Follow This goes to the very corners of the web that we would not even think of travelling to. Episode one is titled “Internet Whisperers”, with a BuzzFeed journalist investigating YouTubers who make purposefully sensual videos to calm the viewer’s anxieties. Of course, the journalist asks the important question as she watches a relatively attractive YouTuber whisper soothingly into the microphone: whether some users treat this unusual method as porn. The fact is, Internet Whisperers exist, and I was amusingly shocked that people could achieve their therapy through this medium.

Follow This - Netflix Series - BuzzFeed - Review

Not every episode of Follow This is designed to show bizarre areas of the internet that will amuse. There are, of course, some episodes that delve into the darker web. One episode discusses the growing revolution of “Men’s Rights Activists” (MRA), with the journalist exploring why this phenomenon has occurred, speaking to both males and females who support men that believe they are becoming secondary in society. Surprisingly, this short episode provided balance in an educational manner, rather than it having some kind of political agenda.

As you go through each episode of Follow This, you will learn something unique from the eyes of a BuzzFeed journalist, and whilst there is never a conclusive answer to each subject, you will be educated. You will find out about the growing fear of technology, replacing the voices and faces of real people, and the apocalyptic defence group designed just for black communities due to feeling let down by Hurricane Katrina government aid.

Netflix’s Follow This should be explored further with other outlets; the likes of Vice and maybe even CNN. With the term “fake news” growing in strength day by day at a frustrating level, witnessing journalists with boots to the ground manages to give them so well earnt respect and shows difficulties faced in publishing the next story in modern media. Whilst Follow This does not delve into much of the political news, the Netflix documentary series provides journeys of real BuzzFeed journalists exploring outlandish stories we never imagined existed.

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3 thoughts on “‘Follow This’ | Netflix Series Review

  • August 24, 2018 at 11:21 pm

    I disagres that the MRA episode was covered in a fair and balanced way. The description of the episode makes that evident by calling the MRA movement “toxic”. Futhermore a significant amount of the information and evidence she uses to support her point is misleading and anecdotal. For example, she said that the disrespectful tweets sent to her were sent by MRA members despite having no evidence to support that claim, she also purposely omitted the tweets that tryed to rationalize with her and make her see the errors in her ways in a respectful manner. Overall, it felt to me that she didn’t come into it with an open mind, it seemed like she already had her mind set and all she was trying to achieve was to make us agree with her.

  • September 23, 2018 at 11:39 pm

    Your Follow This segment on opioids is so typical of all the erroneous reporting. It’s irresponsible because much of what you’re reporting is just plain false.

    Consider this… The ONLY patient population that the US government recommends, encourages, facilitades, and often funds with opioid assisted treatment is among OPIOID ADDICTS!
    The ONLY group of doctors given a FREE PASS (govt issued waiver) to prescribe OPIOIDS ARE ADDICTION MEDICINE DOCTORS!

    Meanwhile cancer pts, US veterans, and all the other people suffering with long term chronic pain are unable to get any opioid assisted treatment, or if they do take opioids they’re severely underdosed.

    The suicide rate has skyrocketed among chronic pain patients because we are unable to get treatment.

    When you quote information regarding overdose deaths, you don’t seem to realize, what you’re actually taking about are NOT prescrPRESCR OPIOIDS or even ILLICIT OPIOIDS, the numbers put out by the CDC are ALL DRUGS. Also, you need to understand that the CDC has admitted to the gross inflation of numbers. You don’t seem to understand that the combination opioid acetaminophen and opioid NSAIDS are FAR more dangerous than long acting, single ingredient meds.

    It’s been found that more than 50% of the people who claimed to have become addicted using Rx opioids, did so by stealing a legit pts meds, or stealing from a place of employment, not medsmprescribed for them. And the majority of people who are now overdosing are using an average of 6 substances TO GET HIGH, NOT TO FIGHT PAIN, and usually not Rx opioids.

    The people who aren’t doing their due diligence when reporting are killing chronic pain patients!
    I don’t think you understand we’re in the midst of a MASSIVE PRESCRIPTION OPIOID SHORTAGE! So, if you break a bone, get cancer, are in an accident, etc… It’s because of govt fear mongering and irresponsible reporting that you will not be able to get adequate pain relief.

    Think about this. Illegal drug money makes up 3% of our GDP. Do you actually believe the govt is trying to make this go away? Not a chance. Especially when you consider that the prison system is the largest employer in the US and has the wealthiest lobbying group.

    There are far too many things you don’t understand. See:

    wwwdrcarlhart.com for legitimate information!

  • October 22, 2018 at 6:04 am

    There was clear bias towards the Feminist agenda, dismissing the problems men face in this clearly gynocentric society. If found it disgusting, and I’m a woman.

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