The Beach Bum Red Band Teaser Trailer | Analysis and Reaction Matthew McConaughey smoking

The Beach Bum Red Band Teaser trailer has arrived, showcasing a new Matthew McConaughey movie for us all to indulge in. The Beach Bum has a release date of 22nd March 2019 and stars some heavy hitters including Snoop Dogg and Zac Efron.

The beach bum red band teaser trailer

first thoughts

On first look, this just looks like Moondog (Matthew McConaughey) is smoking a lot of weed and just doing what the **** he wants. I can only assume he was cast due to his versatility in taking on troubled characters. We got a glimpse of Zac Efron, but his purpose is unclear. After checking on IMDb, the movie will be classed as a comedy, and I suspect Snoop Dogg will be merely a cameo, due to the fact there is marijuana involved. The Beach Bum does have comedy potential; with Jonah Hill slotted in the cast list, there could be some real chemistry that musters some laughs.

The Beach Bum Red Band Teaser trailer is not remotely memorable but I can only assume the official first trailer will offer some amusing moments.

Trailer Impact Grade – D


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