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‘Age of Summer’ Trailer 1 | Analysis and Reaction Fitting in

Age of Summer trailer 1

Age of Summer Trailer 1 has arrived – it’s the summer of ’86, and a young teenage boy is struggling to find acceptance with the Jr. Lifeguards of Hermosa Beach. The young boy also has to contend with relationships and challenges. Starring Peter Stormare.

Age of summer trailer 1
first thoughts

Based on the first trailer, Age of Summer looks like your coming-of-age story but on the beach. I know that sounds like I am being intentionally snarky but to be fair, this looks like it is going to be okay. Age of Summer Trailer 1, gives a real sense of a young man growing up to understand his body, his relationship with women and the obstacles you have to jump over when embedding yourself into social groups. The trailer may have its generic music looping in the background, but the acting does not feel generic. Of course, the trailer could not help but show the routine American Pie type scene of the young boy gawping at girls in bikinis, but it is on the beach, and he is blatantly going through puberty.

Trailer Impact Grade – C

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