‘Viper Club’ Trailer 1 | Analysis and Reaction

September 10, 2018
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Viper Club Trailer 1 reaction

Viper Club Trailer 1 has arrived, a movie about a war correspondent that gets taken hostage whilst on assignment, forcing his mother to take matters into her own hands due to an unreliable government. Starring Matt Bomer, Damian Young and Susan Sarandon.

Viper Club trailer 1

first thoughts

Viper Club trailer 1 shows that this is going to surround Susan Sarandon as a leading performance. Playing a mother, she seems bothered by the government’s lack of tools to get her son back from Syria, where he is captured as a war correspondent. The trailer barely showed her son; the emotional moment showed her son as a young boy mostly, so, from first impressions, it looks like the majority of the film will be seen through the mother’s perspective. Later on the in the trailer, there are suggestions that she is crowdfunding by appealing to the public, so she can raise money to save her son. It will be interesting to see whether the government will be happy with that type of process.

Regardless, Viper Club trailer 1 is okay – it seems to lack the emotional punch from a trailer point of view, but as always, you cannot judge a film by its promotional material.

Trailer Impact Grade – C

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