The Cry Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 7, 2018 (Last updated: November 29, 2023)
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The Cry Episode 2 Recap


Despite an intriguing cliffhanger ending, The Cry is trying much too hard to be clever and mysterious without supplying the audience with a reason to care about any of it.

There are several things that The Cry does rather well; problem is none of them are conducive to a good story. It’s good at wasting time, for instance. The second episode ran for an hour before finally, mercifully deploying a twist that might be considered remotely interesting, but the preceding 59 minutes were airless and empty. It’s also good at needlessly overcomplicating simple matters with fancy-pants structural flourishes. There’s no need for any of this, of course, and it just suggests a lack of confidence in the core story, which according to The Cry Episode 2 might actually be about baby murder, rather than baby kidnapping. And the culprits, it seems, are Joanna (Jenna Coleman) and Alistair (Ewen Leslie) – the baby’s parents.

Yes, evidence suggests that baby Noah’s disappearance was staged, for reasons currently unknown. We don’t know when or where he disappeared, except that he was definitely on the plane and thus made it into the country, and we don’t know why all this has been covered up, although we know that Alistair and Joanna do. We can speculate: I’m sure it somehow involves Alistair’s desire for sole custody of his daughter, Chloe (Markella Kavenagh), especially since her mother, Alexandra (Asher Keddie), seems to have been made a convenient patsy.

In every whodunit, the most obvious suspect is always innocent, and there is nobody more obvious than Alexandra in The Cry Episode 2. She has been using a fake Facebook profile to keep tabs on Joanna for the last three years, her car has been spotted all over the place, she’s constantly loitering in places she shouldn’t be, her mysterious late-night running routes lead her conveniently close to Noah, her car is full of dodgy tools and such, a bootie containing Noah’s DNA was found in her daughter’s room, and this is all a touch ridiculous, isn’t it?

Equally ridiculous was how Joanna’s secret browsing of social media had her imagine all the commenters as being present in the room, especially when one led to a flashback of a presumably important scene of her and Alistair having a tear-up on the side of the road. There is simply no reason for The Cry to be structured this way. It’s annoying. This second episode might have been a slight step up from last week’s premiere, but only because it had to gall to implicate the thoroughly unlikable protagonists. I’m glad I’ve got an excuse not to be rooting for them anymore, but it must be said that I still don’t much care what happened to Noah – in fact, I think he might be better off.

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