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‘Mayans MC’ Episode 6 – “Gato/Mis” | TV Recap Curiosity and the cat.

Mayans MC Episode 6 Spoiler Recap - Gato/Mis


Mayans MC found a sweet spot in “Gato/Mis”, furthering the overarching plot, developing the characters, and reintroducing a familiar antagonist.

It’s a cat that opens and closes “Gato/Mis”, a ginger one that looks a lot like mine, which I’m sure is a coincidence. But an animal that supposedly has nine lives feels a fitting metaphor for this week’s episode of Mayans MC, as everyone seems to have already lost a couple of theirs.

Angel (Clayton Cardenas), for instance, is getting justifiably sick of Adelita (Carla Baratta) being tight-lipped about Los Olvidados’s plans, especially now he has repeatedly violated the leathery brotherhood of his MC. If she doesn’t trust him by now, will she ever? Leticia (Emily Tosta), meanwhile, is rapidly realising that eloping with greasy truck drivers might not necessarily be a good idea, and has recruited EZ (JD Pardo) to help her deal with the fallout. (The dialogue is this scene crackled; Mayans MC is better written than it gets credit for.) Emily (Sarah Bolger) and Galindo (Danny Pino) seem better than ever on the face of things, especially after their happy-slappy sexual escapades last week, but their relationship – and their son’s life – still teeters on the knife-edge of the war between the cartel and the rebels. Even Agent Jimenez (Maurice Compte) has hit the bottle, mostly because Felipe (Edward James Olmos) has him so shook.

Phew. It’s a lot, but it only seems right for this kind of grizzled Shakespearean morality tale, and the density (when it isn’t bogging things down) is what makes Mayans MC satisfying. “Gato/Mis” finds the show in a good place, with the characters’ long- and short-term goals reaching a balance that keeps each hour pacey but also increasingly complex. EZ’s vaguely comedic body-dumping adventure here might feel diversionary, but it quietly develops the relationship between EZ, Coco (Richard Cabral) and his wild, promiscuous daughter, as well as providing a fistfight, a car chase, and some character-building flashbacks. The show’s slick grasp of visual storytelling is understated too; graffiti morphing in the background, a change in colour grading denoting flashbacks, the lily-white, blond, virginal Emily being increasingly covered in bruises and lacerations as she embroils herself deeper in her husband’s affairs.

And speaking her husband’s affairs – Galindo was able to retrieve Cristóbal in “Gato/Mis”, after having been contacted by Adelita and told to transfer a healthy chunk of crypto change to the rebels’ bank account. Naturally, he dispatches his lieutenants to wreck shop after the exchange, with coordinates acquired from his chubby urchin spy, but Los Olvidados are, as usual, one step ahead. Cristóbal’s blanket is stuffed with enough powder to keep Galindo detained at the border, and the snitch gets his comeuppance as he’s tossed from a roof and into a pile of glass by one of the other children. It’s like a heavily-accented Lord of the Flies.

But it’s the ending of “Gato/Mis” that’ll have people talking, as Assistant U.S. Attorney Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon), last seen in the fourth season of Sons of Anarchy, strokes that ginger cat while delivering an eccentric monologue like a Bond villain. “What unspeakable truths lie twisted amongst the scrap?” he asks the moggy. Wouldn’t he like to know?

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  1. I’m looking forward to the development of the relationship between Coco & Leticia. I’m not sure how he can be a role model for his daughter but it will be interesting.

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