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‘American Horror Story’ S8E5 – “Boy Wonder” | TV Recap Seven Wonders

American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 5 Recap


Continuing to delve into pre-Apocaplypse backstory, this season’s mix of fun, fright, and nostalgia surges forward.

And so it was foretold, back in season one, that half-ghost baby Michael Langdon would bring about the end of the world. Little did we know, naive American Horror Story novices that we were, that it would be a fierce post-Armageddon battle between witches and warlocks.

Cordelia did, however, three years before the Apocalypse. As she sees in her vision, following last week’s episode-ending collapse. Her beloved school is destroyed, her witches dead, and rampant flesh-hungry monsters are devouring her while a Voldemort knock-off, hereafter known as the White Faced Demon (who we saw back in episode 2), looks on. Somehow, she translates this into allowing Michael to take the Seven Wonders (under the blood moon, naturally–maybe the Butcher will drop by for funsies). Myrtle is not feeling it, giving a divine speech condemning the damning hubris of men, noting that Mallory is likely the new Supreme due to her insanely unique magic. This may be true as Cordelia reveals that she is dying.

With Queenie and Madison back under the coven roof, we also see Coco’s arrival due to her gluten detection powers or, you know, sensing dangerous things, as Cordelia nicely reframes. Elsewhere, the warlocks are trying to up their wonder boy’s stock through a ritual that has some Goblet of Fire vibes. John Henry (Cheyenne Jackson) believes Cordelia’s omen speaks against Michael and prepares to journey to New Orleans to share his fears with the fading supreme. He doesn’t make it, of course, because Miriam will do anything for her darling boy to become Supreme. Especially since it is part of his ultimate plan to destroy the coven from within, paving the way for his world-ending destiny. Mother and son don’t share this part of the plan with Ariel, who actually helped them orchestrate John Henry’s death to ensure Michael takes the Seven Wonders.

As with Coven, we see the Seven Wonders explained through a silent film with Michael completing them one by one. The final test, Descensum, Cordelia decides should be more challenging–Michael must not just go to hell and back, he must rescue Misty Day (Lily Rabe). Ariel argues that Cordelia is being unreasonable; she counters that Michael must be tougher as Supreme if the Apocalypse is coming. Michael agrees to perform the task, though you could argue she’s just asking him to stop by his childhood home.

Misty is right where Coven left her, reviving and killing a frog on a loop. Through his witchy ways, Michael is able to bring her back. Interesting that we didn’t see what Michael’s personal hell would be. That’s irrelevant, I suppose, as Michael assumes Cordelia’s powers, rising as the first male Supreme. While Misty is grateful, she argues that she was not worth saving for the prize of Michael’s evil victory. Then Cordelia reveals that she is not the fool she appears–her plan was to test Michael’s powers so she could prepare for whatever he might unleash on the world. As a bonus, she got all her lost girls back. Including Stevie Nicks! Who regales us with a little “Gypsy.” Great as that is, the real fun comes in the last few minutes when Cordelia asks Madison to do a little spying for her. Behold overhears, offering to go with her since he too has a bad feeling about the new Supreme. The only thing better than an Emma Roberts-Billy Porter road trip? Their destination: Murder House.

This means the two most crucial words in AHS.

Jessica. Lange.

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