‘Charmed’ (2018) Episode 6 – “Kappa Spirit” | TV Recap

November 19, 2018
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“Kappa Spirit” gives some healthy continuation and the characters care about the story in episode 6 of the rebooted Charmed.

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“Kappa Spirit” gives some healthy continuation and the characters care about the story in episode 6 of the rebooted Charmed.

This recap of Charmed Season 1, Episode 6, “Kappa Spirit”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

My lack of enthusiasm for the Charmed reboot has led to one of our readers questioning if I am watching it properly in the comments section. The question that should have been asked is, do I care? In a series that does little to massage my brain, I guess I could be forgiven for not delving into every single technicality in a story about coming-of-age witches surrounded by paper-thin writing designed to deliver a number of political statements for the CW Network social value cap.

Admittedly, Charmed has reeled in the activism, which strangely offered a nonsensical episode five. It is almost like the writers struggle to conjure a spellbinding episode without a dig at the Celebrity-in-Chief. Like we need reminding of his Cheetos-smudged face.

The complainant will be happy to know that episode 6, “Kappa Spirit”, actually delivers, which I am sure will please this person as they start stirring their fake potions cauldron amongst fake cobwebs in their parent’s loft. “Kappa Spirit” starts to enjoy the continuation, without falling over its own story.

As we are aware, Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) has lost her Sorority status at Kappa after telling Lucy the truth, giving that College-war vibe between both characters. However, in true Charmed fashion, Lucy happens to be unknowingly threatened by a ghost, meaning Maggie has to put her pride aside and find a solution in her spellbook using google-voice type techniques to save the day.

“Kappa Spirit” forced Maggie to be noble, rather than thinking about her popularity. The character knew full well that Lucy would not serve forgiveness, but in this weird world of magic, she had to be there for her friend after initially losing her trust in true Kappa spirit. The ghost that was haunting the Kappa house ironically was a balance between Lucy and Maggie in their current broken friendship, making Maggie realise the error of her ways for kissing the love interest.

Meanwhile, Macy (Madeleine Mantock) is still regretting giving Galvin cold feet, but on the flip side, is also worried about his supposed demon girlfriend that is causing a mark on his back. My theory is that the girlfriend is not the demon. “Kappa Spirit” slightly toys with the idea again that Macy is imagining the mark on Galvin’s back because even Harry (Rupert Evans) fails to see it. This story could go either way.

I think the main reason that “Kappa Spirit” works is because the lead characters are starting to understand not only their abilities but the personal consequences that arise from meddling and/or fixing. Melanie (Melonie Diaz) is seeing moping around about her now removed ex, after being forced to remove her from the timeline providing emotional continuation.

The main takeaway from the core plot is Harry confessing that he is staying around despite not having to now that the witches have dealt with the Harbinger. He enjoys working with them, but you get this inkling he will be temporarily removed from the story soon, only to return to help the witches stop the end of the world, again. If Charmed offers healthy continuation and the characters nurture the meaning of the story, then I’ll have fewer problems with it.

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    You were obviously offended by your reader making a very “accurate” comment which went over your head since you don’t understand that recap means recounting the facts of the show. Not making up negative commentary. Maybe you’re in the wrong line of work…just sayin

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