Darren Lucas’s Top 10 Films of 2018 Counting down the best movies of the year

This list is of the films I enjoyed the most in 2018. I will say I haven’t seen every film, while most of the award-related movies haven’t been released in the UK yet, so they won’t be appearing. I’ll also say this has been a wonderful year for film and I am glad I have gotten to see this so many this year.

10. The Hate U Give

This movie gives us a realistic perspective of the problems with trigger-happy cops in America and doesn’t shy away from the mentality of fear that blossoms while innocent people can see things going wrong. The performances are fantastic, the message is one you will never forget; this is also one I didn’t think would be this good until it finished.

9. A Quiet Place

Horror has always been a mixed bag when it comes to quality, and this void-of-sound movie in the cinema provided an amazing atmosphere because the whole audience was in pure silence, not wanting to even cough. The twist on the genre pulls us in, and the fact the film was marketed perfectly without ever showing us the creatures only to show us their devastation within the opening five minutes is everything we want in a horror film. This is a film you needed to experience on the bigger screen though, because of the impact of the sound (or lack of it).

8. Mission: Impossible – Fallout

The action movie of the year by a mile, Ethan Hunt faces off against the latest villain that is willing to destroy everything in his life. The stunts are beyond breath-taking and Henry Cavill brings a brand-new look to his career that showed us he could be a future action star. Can I mention the stunts again? Well, yes, it is my list. That helicopter scene, the skydiving sequence and the reloading fists for the bathroom fight… This is just a non-stop action film that deserves the attention it got, and if we ever needed to see the best stunts category added to the Oscars, this could claim a clean sweep on nominations.

7. Kodachrome

This could be the strangest pick for most readers because it is a film that seemed to go right under the radar. It follows a father and son going on a road trip to a photo development plant before it closes its doors forever, with the father being a world-famous photographer who has always been using this system. We do get to see a father-son relationship unfold after years of problems, and with a final scene which includes the respect he deserved shown for his son to witness. Ed Harris and Jason Sudeikis both shine in the leading roles which is always good to see. This is a type of movie that I will always favor because I love seeing a family coming together after problems.

6. First Man

When it comes to any movie related to the Space Race, I am all in. Hidden Figures became my favorite of its year, and this film was always going to be one that appealed to me. We follow Neil Armstrong’s life from his personal tragedy to the moment he returned from the moon landing, becoming one of the most iconic men in history. For me the different style in direction helps here because we don’t need to see just another look at the Space Race; we needed to see the man behind or inside the suit that made history.

5. Annihilation

This was one of the most original sci-fi movies of the year, and could easily have been number one on this list if it had been released in the cinema. The world our scientist enters brings us amazing visuals which still look fantastic, and the performances are wonderful too. This is a movie that showed us how imagination can bring us something fresh and original in a market being dominated by franchises and reboots. The bear scene is easily one of the most frightening and exhausting moments in cinema this year, too.

4. Avengers: Infinity War

The Marvel franchise has been running for ten years leading up to this moment. We have had so many different directors bring their own visions to the characters in the universe, and this time we get to see them face their deadliest villain, Thanos. We have nearly all of the heroes return here (Ant-Man and Hawkeye being the only missing men) to come together in different battles across the galaxy, where we get unlikely partnerships which make us want to see more, before the moment that changed cinema in the superhero genre forever.

3. Searching

A film shot entirely through a computer screen… well, this doesn’t sound like the most engaging movie out there, does it? But we were wrong because this film will keep you guessing from the moment the girl goes missing and the search to find her starts, with an ending you simply won’t see coming. This is one of, if not the most, essential original movie you will see this year.

2. Widows

Steve McQueen brings us a heist movie with a twist, as the widows of a group of criminals must complete a new job to make up for their husband’s errors. With powerful performances from the whole cast, Viola Davis and Elizabeth Debicki shining and Daniel Kaluuya giving us one of the most haunting villainous performances of the year, this is a thriller that will keep you on edge from start to finish as we get to see each of the women needing to overcome a problem they had previously faced to move on with their lives. The political side of the film also comes through strong.

1. Love, Simon

The story in this movie shows a teenager going into his final year of high school with the biggest secret of his life, who finally finds someone to talk to about the fact that he is gay. Both want to figure out how to come out to their friends and family while remaining anonymous to each other. The high school dynamic is amazing in this film; the question posed about why this would be considered such a problem in the world. The performances are fantastic and Nick Robinson gives us one of the best performances of the year. I have managed to watch this movie four times this year, which for me is unheard of. I am always wanting to see this one again and I feel everyone should be watching this movie this year.

Darren Lucas

Darren starting writing for films at Movies Reviews 101. He joined the Ready Steady Cut team in 2018 and is a proud member of the LAMB (Large Association of movie bloggers).

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