Darren Lucas’s Worst Films of 2018

December 17, 2018
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The year in film has been a mixed bag. We have had the greats, the goods, and even the averages; here I am picking the worst of the year. My rule is that these films will have to have a major star or be part of a big franchise; I refuse to criticize directors who try something different with little to no budgets.

10. American Animals

This real-life heist movie follows four young men who want to steal from the college library. The biggest problem for me in this film turns to be the idea that we have interviews with the real criminals looking back at their mistakes along the way. I have never been a fan of glorifying criminal activity, which this film does, though there is a positive in the performances from Evan Peters and Barry Keoghan.

9. Venom

The first and only comic book movie on the list. I have picked the Spider-Man villain or anti-hero Venom because I did get frustrated with the voice work by Tom Hardy, and even though some of it was funny, the film never felt dark enough for the character. If they had followed Deadpool’s example we could have enjoyed it more. The final problem for me fell with the idea that Venom will never have a hero to fight because Spider-Man is no longer owned by Sony.

8. Siberia

Keanu Reeves has reinvented himself over the last couple of years. John Wick helped with this. Siberia will only see him taking a step back because the story is a jumbled mess that focuses too long on a romance angle which just isn’t needed to follow a deal which will only send you to sleep.

7. The Open House

Netflix, we have a strange relationship. You can give us the best movies of the year, but then you give us The Open House, one of the worst movies you will ever see, with an ending which made zero sense and poor acting. The only reason this film gets anywhere off the bottom of the list is the location being used wonderfully.

6. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

After giving us trailer after trailer which gave away the whole film, telling us Jeff Goldblum was returning and showcasing a new dinosaur, we should be just going into this film to enjoy ourselves. Well, no, we can’t have nice things. Goldblum’s return is no more than the cameo that we saw in the trailer, the volcano explodes too early in the film, leaving any reunion with the island empty, and the new dinosaur playing hide and seek in a mansion only leaves us feeling bored and tired of this franchise.

5. Fahrenheit 451

If you told me we would have a film with Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon starring in it, you would expect to see something amazing. Well, I have to say this film failed miserably. This is a remake and tells the same story of a world where culture is being destroyed, meaning you need to follow certain rules, and one of the rule keepers starts to question their decisions. If I am honest I can’t even remember what happened because it was so boring.

4. The Strangers: Prey at Night

As a fan of horrors and the original film, The Strangers: Prey at Night seemed like it was going to be a good film from the early cinematography being used, which soon becomes the only good thing about this movie. We have characters that make stupid decisions after stupid decisions, the Strangers themselves seem completely different with a non-planned attack here, which goes against everything we were taught about the killers. This was the closest I came to walking out of the cinema this year.

3. The Hurricane Heist

The Hurricane Heist is a movie about hurricanes which seem to produce spirits that are haunting brothers who have gone in different directions in their lives. This is one of the most laughably bad movies you will ever see because it includes a scene where a lorry is running away from a hurricane wave that stops when an evil face comes out of the wind. Yeah, what the hell happened here?

2. Escape Plan 2: Hades

This is a sequel we didn’t really ask for. It still has Stallone involved, but barely, even though he is the top billing. It has cameo-like performances from the biggest names, where Xiaoming Huang is the true star who just doesn’t get the time he deserves. The film fails on the levels that it tries too hard to become ambitious and ends up being ridiculous.

1. Day of the Dead: Bloodline

Remember when we got Night, Dawn and Day of the Dead movies, and they were amazing, then we got a remake of Dawn which was wonderful too, then someone tried Day of the Dead which is terrible, but enjoyably terrible? This time we tried that again and ended up with one of the most generically painful zombie movies you will ever see. It seems to have no connection to any previous film and just feels bland, forgettable and like something you should have avoided.

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