M.N. Miller’s Worst Television Shows of 2018

December 17, 2018
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Behold, the very ugliest, most thoughtless, and nonsensical offerings that the small-screen had to offer this year: the worst television shows of 2018, ranked from worst to very worst.

To take the edge off, here were the best.

10. The Neighborhood

A reverse All in the Family, with Cedric the Entertainer in the Archie Bunker role, is unfunny, forced, and disingenuous.

9. Reverie

I love Sarah Shahi, who is talented (see the criminally cut-short television show Life) and is a natural television star; she deserved better than this virtual reality procedural whose plug should have been pulled before its arrival.

8. 90 Day Fiance

Cringe-worthy, questionable, and morally ambiguous.

7. For the People

A “Shondaland” squad member that offers nothing new to the genre is surprisingly dull and woefully over-acted.  How many chances will Britt Robertson get to carry a show?

6. Happy Together

A show about nothing really that has no point to it or driving force, with a plot that can’t last past a pilot, let alone an entire season.

5. Magnum PI

Like the theatrical version of Robin Hood: all style, no substance, and tedious dialogue that makes for a very long hourly drama.

4. Kevin Can Wait

Bringing back Leah Remi proves you can never go home again.

3. The Connors

The Connors has the same issues as Roseanne, completely missing the only part that made the show a bit interesting (for better or worse). Needless, pointless, grating, irritating, and unworthy of the talents involved.

2. Roseanne

A train wreck from the beginning, the creators of Roseanne tried to recreate the magic with constant one-liners that are forced down your throat, neverland, and leave a bad taste in your mouth.

1. Modern Family

Stale, unnecessary, and woefully boring. There have been multiple episodes in a row where I have gone without laughing once. Please, put Modern Family out of its misery.

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