Alice Field’s 10 Worst Films of 2018

December 19, 2018
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This was a struggle to write last year, as I hadn’t seen many bad films; but I’ve seen enough films during 2018 that quite a few come to mind pretty easily. Here are the worst…

10. Game Over, Man

Written by Anders Holm, and directed by Kyle Newacheck (USA, 2018)

Entertaining, but generally puerile and unfunny, relying on poop jokes and celebrities. Some very effective violence, but no wit. Watch it on Netflix, or read my review.

9. The Mansion AKA Le Manoir

Written by Marc Jarousseau, Dominique Gauriaud, Bernardo Barilli and Jurij Prette, and directed by Tony T. Datis (France/Belgium, 2017)

Flamboyant and fast-moving teen comedy horror, but filled more with tropes than either scares or jokes. Minimal suspense and again, no wit. If you want to know more, read my full review.

8. Truth or Dare

Written by Michael Reisz, Jillian Jacobs, Christopher Roach and Jeff Wadlow, and directed by Jeff Wadlow (USA, 2018)

The story had promise, the director and cast did good jobs, but too many cooks did the writing, and I don’t think they could be arsed to collaborate properly. Read my full review for more thoughts.

7. Dead Night

Written by Irving Walker and Brad Baruh, and directed by Brad Baruh (USA, 2017)

Grimmfest 2018 Programme
Bloody and entertaining, but confusing. Very nicely made, but I wasn’t convinced any more than Jonathon was in his review.

6. Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

Written by S. Craig Zahler, and directed by Sonny Laguna and Tommy Wiklund (UK/USA, 2018)

The only film I’ve walked out of this year because I was bored. Sure, the killings were novel, but the plot and style had nothing for me. Jonathan got more out of it than I did.

5. The Devil’s Doorway

Written by Martin Brennan, Aislinn Clarke and Michael B. Jackson, and directed by Aislinn Clarke (UK, 2018)

Well made, but too heavy-handed a treatment for a subject that deserves to be handled respectfully. Also, a little confused in terms of the plot. Nowhere near as impressed as I expected to be. Morgan liked it at Grimmfest; I caught it the following week at Mayhem and didn’t.

4. Slaughterhouse Rulez

Written by Crispian Mills and Henry Fitzherbert, and directed by Crispian Mills (UK, 2018)

Not the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost “horror comedy” I was expecting: not intelligent enough to be a satire or witty enough to be a black comedy. Bizarre, unfunny muddle: could do better. That does sum it up, but there’s a little more insight in my full review.

3. The Nun

Written by James Wan, and directed by Corin Hardy (USA, 2018)

Well made and acted, but lacked so much of what I’ve come to expect from this series, this writer, and decent horror films in general. Balls. My full review knocks it down pretty thoroughly.

2. Romina

Written and directed by Diego Cohen (Mexico, 2018)

A Netflix slasher with dull characters and no gore. Really. My full review tells you more, but there isn’t much to tell.

1. Patrick

Written by Vanessa Davies, Mandie Fletcher and Paul de Vos, and directed by Mandie Fletcher (UK, 2018)

Patrick Movie Review
Awful, just awful. Bridget Jones’ Diary meets Grange Hill with the addition of Bernard Cribbins. If the dog interests you, spend a couple of hours instead visiting an RSPCA sanctuary and give your tenner to them. If you really want to know more, read my full review.

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