Darren Lucas’s Top 10 Underappreciated Films of 2018

December 19, 2018
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For this list I pick 10 films that I believe deserved more attention from audiences; we have a mix of Netflix, VOD and cinema releases that went under the radar. I hope you can check these movies out and enjoy them as much as I did.

10. Off the Menu 

A romantic comedy to start off this list, that’s right folks. I included one of my favorite romantic comedies of the year. The story follows an heir to a Mexican fast-food chain who goes out looking for new flavours to improve his family’s business, only to discover love with a beautiful chef that has perfected her own trademark dish passed down through generations. This is a must watch for any foodies out there too, with the chemistry between the two leads shining through.

9. Silencio

People who know me know I love watching movies that make me think; this is one that offers up a question for the audience: “would you change the past if you could?” While many people will easily answer this question, the story gives us the consequences for an answer of “yes” that will make the question harder. While the events of the film are fictional, the story uses the mystery surrounding what could have happened here.

8. Anchor and Hope

The story of a couple and their best friend that asks the questions about love, life and just what the future might hold for them. This is one of the LGBTQ community films that shows us just how love for everyone can become complicated, no matter who you are falling in love with. Strong performances from Natalia Tena, Oona Chaplin, and David Verdguer help this film shine.

7. Bennett’s Song 

When you have two very unique families come together to create one of the biggest and most heartfelt environments around, Bennett’s Song shows how we should accept people from different backgrounds because they want just the same as you: happiness. This is one of the feel-good movies of the year.

6. The Forest of the Lost Souls 

This little Portuguese movie follows two strangers who meet in the woods renowned for the number of suicides that take place there. The Forest of the Lost Souls heads in one direction only to twist everything you thought you knew back on its head, which is a delight as a horror fan.

5. The Secret to Marrowbone 

My favorite horror film of 2018, this fairytale-style movie brings Spanish influence to the storytelling processMarrowbone has a talented cast that all shine, with a story that is covered in mystery and will leave you in shock when you learn the truth behind each clue planted in the film. Essential for the horror fans, if you loved The Orphanage this will hit home hard too.

4. Amateur 

Sports dramas can always go in two different directions; Amateur goes in the right direction because it shows us the player’s potential talent, which is never questioned, but shows that life isn’t always going to be easy for him because of his own difficulties. This gets to highlight the problems in the amateur sports league where younger players can be taken advantage of if they are not cared for properly.

3. Irreplaceable You 

Another romantic comedy… well, what do you know, I picked two. This one, however, surrounds a much more serious issue. We follow a couple that has been together since they were 8; they were always meant to be together until in their early 30’s one of them is struck down with cancer and wants to prepare her loved one for life after her, preparing him for dating and falling in love again without her. This does have the tears and makes you want to focus on every moment of your own life too.

2. First Match 

This film is like a modern version of a Karate Kid with wrestling being the sport of choice. The main character has been tossed around the foster system until she learns she can join the wrestling team, where she learns of a future outside of the problems she has been facing in Brooklyn and with her estranged father.

1. Five Fingers for Marseilles

When it comes to the gangster genre, it would be fair this is a genre I am not the biggest fan of. At least I wasn’t until I found this movie, in which we get to follow the goings on in a South African village ruled by the mob as one man looks to fight back against the corruption and free the people. This is brutal, surprising, and one you simply must be checking out.

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