Louie Fecou’s Top 10 Comics of 2018

January 3, 2019
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Here’s a list of comics that I really enjoyed in 2018. The list is only my personal opinion and as you work through them I’m sure you will have your own verdict on them, so feel free to comment on the titles and I will leave a space for you to post your own. Without further ado: My top 10 comics of 2018.

10. Up to you – Let me know what you think!

9. Batman Damned

The second issue is on the way of this oversized fully-painted R-rated Batman story. I  was a sucker for this before I even read it, with a premise involving DC’s mystic heroes such as Constantine and Deadman, written by Azzarello and art by Bermejo, the first issue caused an unfortunate controversy that undermined the actual content, but this was the first issue of what I really hope will be a classic Batman story.

8. Action Comics #1000

An anthology book, square bound with various covers from different decades, this was a party for Superman by a collection of the industry’s finest creators. Although some of the stories were a bit underwhelming, the whole thing is more substantial than its parts, and an issue #1000 should be commemorated just for its sheer longevity. I imagine this issue was bought by many fans that had given up on comic years ago, but just couldn’t resist owning this one.

7. Mister Miracle #1-3

This is a weird one. Tom King hit the ground running with the first few issues of this maxi-series. The suspense slowly built and the art by Mitch Gerrards hinted at a mystery well hidden that we could just see but not actually focus on. However, the book went on and on dropping hints and nods and winks, until I eventually lost any interest in seeing a conclusion. When I did hit issue 12, I was so bored by the previous issues that the twist ending fell flat as a pancake and I felt cheated and dismayed. My Mister Miracle would never behave in such a way. However, those first few issues were beautiful and mesmerizing and I had to include them.

6. The Prisoner

Pete Milligan brought us a 4-issue miniseries that seductively led us back to The Village, and the madness associated with it. Fans of the original would be thrilled to see a lovingly constructed story that finds our hero Breen trying to find his way through The Village to save a companion and confront Number 1. With art by Colin Lorimer, no fan of the series should miss this.

5. Catwoman

Nobody talking about this, but Joelle Jones is doing a grand job on Catwoman. After the events of the painfully soap opera so-called wedding in Batman #50, Jones has returned Catwoman to a creature of the night; damaged after being bored to death by Batman, she prowls the alleys, looking for thrills wherever she can and finding herself the centre of some unwanted attention. Smart, sassy and intriguing, pick it up if you like cats.

4. Doomsday Clock

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank do the unthinkable: a Watchmen sequel that integrates the iconic characters into the DC universe. The story has had terrible scheduling issues which mean it isn’t complete yet, but seeing Rorschach, the Comedian and Ozymandias mixing it up with The Joker and Batman has been very satisfying, despite how it sounds on paper, and the art is amazing, utilizing the same techniques as Moore and Gibbons on the original. The momentum may have been lost thanks to the release dates, but this has so far been as good as it gets.

3. Batman White Knight

Just when you thought there was probably never going to be a decent Batman miniseries again, Sean Gordon Murphy delivered this twisted tale, with the Joker sane and Batman unhinged, and nothing as it should be. The art is thrilling, the story original, and the whole thing was a joy to read.

2. Go West

A violent tale of revenge set in a Wild West in the not-so-distant future, Go West by Garret Gunn and Saint Yak is a miniseries for lovers of classic Western noir. Crisp and clean art and hard boiled retribution are all on the table here, and as it’s an Alterna comic, you can get the 4 issues at a price point you won’t believe, and the trade is also available for book lovers.

1. X-Men Grand Design

This stylish and crowd-pleasing project to put the X-Men into some sort of cohesive chronological order is a joy to read. The cartoon Alred style art, and easy to follow retelling of the major events of everyone’s favourite mutants by Dave Piskor, is joyous and beautiful. Printed on matt style paper, with the white space exploding every time it’s used, this is a must-have collection for X fans everywhere.

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