Tyler Howat’s Worst Films of 2018

January 3, 2019
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Tyler Howat’s worst films of 2018 are the furthest thing from his best. But no year is ever perfect, and it’s only fair that the duds get their share of attention too.

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10. Winchester

I’m a sucker for cheesy horror flicks, and there are worse examples out there. But do not mistake me. This is not a good movie.

9. Overboard

I’ve rarely been so bored during a film. Maybe it’s because the trailer told me everything that would happen, or maybe because it’s so overacted, but I was so, so underwhelmed.

8. The Princess Switch

Yeah. I watched this. I’m still not sure why, but everything about it was unbelievable and contrived, and so saccharine that I had to wash my mouth and mind out afterward.

7. The Happytime Murders

The last movie that was this dirty and wholly without heart was Sausage Party. Similarly, I should’ve walked out.

6. Life of the Party

Garbage with two funny moments. Maybe. Melissa McCarthy is better than this.

5. Red Sparrow

This is an incredibly boring spy movie that only wants to be Atomic Blonde but can’t even muster the energy to get close. It’s also exceedingly rapey.

4. The Cloverfield Paradox

Amazing cast. Amazingly boring film.

3. Dead Night

Boring, with entirely unlikable characters for which you’re just rooting to get offed quickly. Good practical effects though.

2. House of Deadly Secrets

I can’t even muster enough energy to remember what this is about. I remember, about ten minutes into the film, thinking, “I can’t believe I’m going to finish this.” Unfortunately, I did.

1. The Titan

My dad made us watch this while we were on holiday. I regret every minute of it. I can’t decide which is worse: the effects, the acting, or the writing.