‘Clyde Cooper’ (2018) | Film Review

By Darren -Lucas
Published: January 4, 2019
Clyde Cooper Film Review


Clyde Cooper is a mystery film that wants you, the audience, to play along in solving the missing persons case.

Clyde Cooper is directed by Peter Daskaloff and stars Jordi Vilasuso (The Invitation), Abigail Titmuss (Days of Our Lives), Richard Neil and Aria Sirvaitis. Clyde Cooper is a mystery crime movie that will take Clyde into a world he never imagined he would be investigating.

Clyde Cooper follows the eponymous private investigator (Vilasuso) whose latest client, Vincent Donovan (Neil), wants him to locate a woman he believed he was in love with, only for her to have gone missing. As Clyde continues to investigate, he learns about group of mysterious women who act almost like hookers being controlled by Loretta Berman (Titmuss). Can Clyde solve the case and locate the missing woman?

Clyde Cooper has a story that offers up a mystery of a missing person; a way to grab the audience’s attention and make us want to guess along with the film. Like any good mystery story, each scene seems to lead to another clue. While the twists or new clues come along thick and fast, the story doesn’t feel overly reliant on them. If we break down the story, it does feel like this character Clyde Cooper is about to get his own television show and this is the pilot for that show; you can see him getting involved in many more cases, as we have the built-in relationships with people that can help solve them.

Clyde Cooper has performances from Jordi Vilasuso in the title role of the lone private detective with a connection to the police force. Jordi is the strongest performer in this film, as we do believe his mannerisms to make his character feel unique, even if the character could have that little extra flair to go with his confidence. When it comes to the supporting cast we get plenty of emotionless performances which are required for part of the story, and does play into everything we see unfold.

For a mystery, Clyde Cooper fits in the same bracket as television shows such as Monk and Psych, where an interesting case gives us quirky moments. This one has a brilliantly funny sequence involving piano-playing stairs that will lead to the solving of a simple case which had started to get out of hand. Having Clyde Cooper set in Silicon Valley shows us just how crime can be in any part of the world too, with this area being filled with people that could use technology for their own gain.

Overall this is an entertaining, easy-to-watch mystery movie that will keep you guessing. We have strong performances that fit the story and you will be left wanting to see the next investigation in the Clyde Cooper case file.

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