6 Ways ‘Glass’ Could Have Ended

January 19, 2019
Louie Fecou 1
Features, Film

Sure the ending was divisive, but could there have been earlier drafts that may have kept everyone happy? Here’s a tongue-in-cheek look at what we may have missed, with 6 ways Glass could have ended.

Needless to say: MAJOR SPOILERS!

1. There’s no secret society.

Dr. Ellie Staple believes everything she says, and in the final act she becomes aware of the presence of real-life superheroes and villains and dedicates her life to finding new versions of the ones she lost. “First name Ellie, last name Staple.”

2. Mr. Glass wins.

After the secret group of super people silencers prevent another outbreak of heroes and villains, in their favorite coffee shop, they forget about Mister Glass and his real master plan, and as The Osaka Tower explodes upon its opening day, the metahuman footage is leaked to the public.

3. Everybody lives.

The Beast escapes, The Overseer escapes and Mr. Glass escapes, all with the help of their respective “Alfreds”: Casey, Joseph, and Mrs. Glass, and as they retire to their own self-made “Batcaves” they plan their future battles against each other.

4. There are more heroes than we think.

With mayhem breaking out at the hospital, all seems lost as The Beast overpowers The Overseer, drowning him in a big puddle before one of our supporting cast reveals their hidden superpower to save the day and turn the fight around. Perhaps Dr. Ellie has Jean Grey-type telekinesis, only awakened by the carnage she is witnessing, or Casey finds she can tap into the mind of the Beast, returning him to sanity, or Joseph realizes he too has the superhuman strength of his old dad.

5. The hospital is a home for metahumans.

As the carnage ensues in the final act, Mister Glass releases the other patients in the hospital, and they all have superpowers. They have all been imprisoned by Ellie’s secret society and kept there for further investigation. Upon escaping, the other inmates all reveal their amazing powers, while Mister Glass streams the whole thing online.

6. The Brave And The Bold.

The Beast escapes and kidnaps Joseph, Casey and Mrs. Glass, holding them captive as sacrifices; the Overseer and Mister Glass must team up to figure out where they are and how to save them. The final battle between the hero and villain is recorded and streamed live by Mister Glass, who makes his escape in the ensuing battle as The Beast is defeated and The Overseer escapes.

So that’s a few alternate endings that Mr. Shyamalan may have considered, and before you dismiss them all as rubbish, may I remind you of The Lady In The Water.