‘Charmed’ (2018) Episode 10 – “Keep Calm and Harry On” | TV Recap How much can we fit in to one episode?



“Keep Calm and Harry On”, the 10th episode of Charmed, is cheesy entertainment, but there is far too much information squashed into one chapter.

This recap of Charmed Season 1, Episode 10, “Keep Calm and Harry On”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

So Harry (Rupert Evans) is in the hellish place called Tartarus after his heroics over Christmas, and the witches’ only goal is getting him out of there. “Keep Calm and Harry On” was another rebooted Charmed episode filled with exposition and information overload, but you know what, I’ve entered 2019 with some renewed enthusiasm, and I will try my best not to offer a sarcastic comment to the protective fans out there. Episode 10 was not too bad.

“Keep Calm and Harry On” starts with the witches trying their hardest to convince the Elder Charity to help get Harry out of Tartarus, but unfortunately, the Elders are as awkward as always and declare it is too risky. Charity instead tasks Melanie (Melonie Diaz) to return to the rogue witches group and figure out their plot against the Elders and Macy (Madeleine Mantock) to continue her investigation into the laboratory.

Meanwhile, Maggie (Sarah Jeffery), bless her soul, is grieving the fact that her boyfriend, or presumably ex-boyfriend, is half demon, and sobs into her duvet. Melanie convinces Maggie to bury her feelings to try and move forward, which only puts Maggie on a one-track mind to find a potion to suppress her feelings.

Of course, in true Charmed style, “Keep Calm and Harry On” sees the witches determined to save Harry, who is getting tortured by painful memories of himself; remember, Harry cannot remember who he used to be, so he cannot balance what is an accurate memory, or what is false. This provides an advantage in Tartarus, as he can hold out for much longer.

The rogue witches claim they can save Harry. However, Melanie and Macy have better ideas and instead think of a plan to trade the Harbinger nestled in the paint tin with the Tartarus Warden to free Harry. If you remember back in the earlier episodes, the Demon boss Alistair tricked Charity into trading paint tins, so he has it; so the Warden is undoubtedly pissed off when he sees it is just an empty paint tin and throws Maggie into Tartarus who now has to contend with the torture.

Melanie and Macy seek help from Parker to steal his dad’s paint tin concealing the Harbinger. They return to the Tartarus Warden, and he agrees to let Harry and Maggie out. Alistair shows up, who has figured out what the witches are up to and demanded they give back the Harbinger. “Keep Calm and Harry On” sees another cheesy demon-fight with an extra dose of bad visuals to see it through. Maggie eventually grabs the other two witches and creates a new spell to scare off Alistair. You would think the writers are just making it up as they go along, wouldn’t you?

As “Keep Calm and Harry On” ends, Melanie has been entirely sold by the Rogue Witches, even kissing the leader of the group at the bar. Maggie is still heartbroken by Parker and Macy finds out she is not the half-sister of the group after Galvin finds some DNA results at the lab. The happy ending came in the form of Charity confessing her love for Harry – what could next week bring in an information overloaded episode of Charmed. Let’s see. I can wait.

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