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Episode 11, “Witch Perfect”, was funny and wild and served an alright story, but Charmed is starting to plague itself with plotholes.

This recap of Charmed Season 1, Episode 11, “Witch Perfect”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

“Witch Perfect” was an alright chapter in the rebooted Charmed series. And that’s only because the premise was acutely funny; I guess you could say Episode 11 charmed me…

Okay, enough with the lame puns and into the juice of “Witch Perfect”. At the start, Macy (Madeleine Mantock) is misguidedly excited to tell her sisters the news regarding their DNA; that Macy and Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) share the same father and Melanie (Melonie Diaz) is the half-sister. I believe that is the setup because I was more shocked that Macy thought this conversation was going to be a laidback chuckle. The other two sisters are understandably upset; they grew up with a mother with many secrets, but they have come to the realization that she lied to them too.

So sister issues are afoot, and while Macy confusingly figures out her mistake, the other two decide to go out into the real world. Maggie, who has not only found out her boyfriend is a half-demon, but that her birth father is someone else, decides to cheer herself up and join an acapella group. And because a demon crawls every corner, the music teacher is burdened by a musical instrument that takes people’s souls. Unbeknown to the group, he teaches them a vocal harmony to possess the audience at the next show to steal all their souls. Maggie soon realizes this and alerts the other two witches.

But Melanie is way too distracted at her new found romance with Jada, who leads the supposed Rogue Witch group; Melanie confesses that she does not believe the group is a bad batch of witches, and that she feels the Elders have made a mistake. But her biggest shock comes when her ex turns up to speak to her at a bar and happens to be investigating Jada. If you remember, Melanie removed the memories of her ex when she accidentally found out about her sisters being witches.

Eventually, the witches regroup to defeat another enemy who is trying to cause harm to the public. At first, the witches doing a group spell doesn’t work, because apparently magic is controlled by whether they are getting along as sisters. Charmed has this bullshit habit of just making nonsense up on the spot, so once the sisters briefly released their beef for each other, the group spell worked, and Galvin played the cursed instrument to free all the souls. Yes, Galvin is still allowed to keep his memory despite knowing about the witches, yet Melanie barely got a minute for that privilege. A dumb plot hole.

But the dumber plot hole comes from Harry, who has found that his son is still alive, but unfortunately, Charity tells him he has to forget about his old life to continue to protect the Charmed Ones. The only problem with this bullshit is that a few episodes before this one, Harry confesses that he is no longer needed to protect the witches, and he is only here because he likes them. So based on the previous plot rule, Harry can do whatever the **** he wants.

So yes, “Witch Perfect” was alright, but as the plot continues to progress, holes appear, making everything look a little silly.

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