‘Russian Doll’ Episode 1 | Netflix TV Recap The Universe is ******* with me.



Russian Doll Episode 1 gives the series an amusing start, as Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) is beginning to learn that she is stuck in a cycle.

This recap of Russian Doll Episode 1 contains spoilers. You can check out our review by clicking these words.

As I pressed play on Netflix Original Russian Doll Episode 1, I thought it’s about ******* time the streaming platform gave Natasha Lyonne her series. Let’s face it, she owns her performance in Orange is the New Blackand is probably one of the countless reasons that show has received so many accolades. Her entire persona, while she acts, is so intense and insecure that her unpredictability makes the actress a joy to watch.

If you haven’t toyed with the trailer yet, Natasha’s character Nadia attends a party that’s being thrown in her honor and when leaving, she gets hit by a car and is instantly killed. The timeline then places her back in the bathroom where she started in Episode 1. She is confused, hazily walking around the party wondering why she remembers every conversation and the version of events that are going to take place.

Russian Doll Episode 1 is an obvious teaser for what is to come from the story. Nadia is a no-bullshit character that does whatever she wants; she likes to be in control, even when it comes to courting a man at the party with weird questions like “do you have kids?” so she knows if she can sleep with him. Her intentions are blatant from the offset. So the fact that Nadia is not in control of whatever is happening to her, where every time she dies she reverts to the bathroom, adds to the entire comedy of the situation.

Russian Doll Episode 1 is by no means a perfect episode, however; it throws the concept at the audience fast. Netflix understood the strength is Natasha Lyonne, so it made sense for them to dive straight into the time loop rather than stretch our imaginations for too long. Also, if we are going to get more rants from the actress, then I’m all in.

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