‘Russian Doll’ Episode 2 | Netflix TV Recap Did something strange happen to you last night?



Nadia begins the process of being in denial in Russian Doll Episode 2, in what is a repetitive second chapter of the Netflix series.

This recap of Russian Doll Episode 2 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

So we’ve established that Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) is in some loop that she cannot get out of that reverts her back to the bathroom at her own party every time she dies. In Russian Doll Episode 2, she manages to at least make it until the next day.

She spends most of the chapter musing her own existence and wondering whether the spliff which was laced with cocaine had anything additional in the mix that may have sent her on a trippy adventure. She eventually finds out that it was really laced with Ketamine, and because she’s never had that drug before, she believes it must be the drug that is causing her to experience this frustrating loop.

But when Nadia learns that she has had Ketamine before, with her friend Maxine (Greta Lee) confirming so, it dawns on her that maybe there is something wrong with her mind. Russian Doll Episode 2 sees our loud-mouthed sweary character visit a counselor, who used to do therapy on her mother. After expressing her experiences to the counseller, it is perceived as a psychotic breakdown, and the solution put forward is that she is registered to a mental institution.

Unfortunately, while in the medical van, Nadia becomes reluctant to give her jewellery, causing havoc in the back and the driver becomes so distracted that he crashes into another vehicle, causing everyone to die and Nadia to return to the party.

Russian Doll Episode 2 sees Nadia accepting that she will never make it to Thursday and her entire life will always be this party – as she accepts this newfound existence, a nearby plant starts wilting and dying. The second episode was repetitive, even with the dialogue, but I am sure there is more to come in Russian Doll. 

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