‘Russian Doll’ Episode 3 | Netflix TV Recap Maybe it is something supernatural?



Russian Doll Episode 3 serves the usual theatrics and comedy, making us think if this is it or if there will be a broader purpose to the Netflix series.

This recap of Russian Doll Episode 3 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Natasha Lyonne is observedly central to the entire premise of Russian Doll, to the point that it almost feels like her stage play but refined for a Netflix series. I’m not complaining; her performances are consistently good, but I do wonder what the end goal here is at this point. At least Russian Doll Episode 3 slowed down the number of deaths she suffered from and allowed her to explore away from the party.

Chapter 3 sees Nadia moving away from the drugs theory and believing that something supernatural is afoot at the party the building is hosting. She starts building a picture that it could possibly be a ghost or some form of demon. The problem is, Nadia cannot be repeatedly hasty in her conclusions vocally, or close family and friends will shun her into a medical van for assessment. She needs to be wise with her choices if she will ever succeed in getting closer to the truth.

Nadia chooses to get help from her ex-partner in Russian Doll Episode 3. He is not over her, as each episode he misreads every situation he finds himself in, forcing Nadia to retreat and shout expletives. Nadia asks her ex to visit a Rabbi at a nearby synagogue after she learns Jewish people owned the building.

The whole ordeal leaves her ex irritated and believing Nadia wants him back, so in essence, her ploy to try and find out the truth about the building from a Rabbi backfired. Nadia then spends the rest of the episode hanging out with the homeless man she keeps bumping into on the street. All this serves well-timed comedy, but I am starting to wonder if this will be the theme of each episode, or if the story will progress with some real twists.

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