‘Russian Doll’ Episode 6 | Netflix TV Recap How did you first die?



Russian Doll Episode 6 shows the characters becoming pressured to find a solution to their fate, with Alan needing to remember his first death.

This recap of Russian Doll Episode 6 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Alan (Charlie Barnett) and Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) are desperate now. Russian Doll Episode 6 has both characters resorting to sticking with each other to avoid deaths while putting more theories into place as to why they are both in this scenario. They stay in the same apartment, refusing to leave to prevent a random death. Funnily enough, Alan gets out a video game that he used to play and one that Nadia designed herself.

But the biggest question came when Nadia asks Alan how he first died, and he does not remember. She finds this strange and encourages him that they both go out into the world, retrace his steps and see if it leads to the first death. By retracing steps means going to Alan’s ex’s home. Nadia breezes in and humiliates his ex, giving Alan newfound mental strength that he did not have since we were first introduced to the character.

Russian Doll Episode 6 gives Nadia the opportunity to confess to Alan that she slept with the same man that his ex cheated on, giving him a wave of jealousy and demanding they have sex so he can prove he is better in bed. After sex, Nadia sneaks out and gives the homeless guy some trainers and a necklace, then realizes the person she met in the grocery store on her first night dying, seemingly drunk and throwing things on the floor, was Alan.

Russian Doll Episode 6 ends with Nadia briefly falling out with Alan because he started organizing her apartment without prompt, choking on some chicken wings to die once again and then reconciling with Alan so they can both apologize to each other. Alan thinks the way he died the first time was suicide. Episode 6 shows the series is getting more wild with its ideas, but Russian Doll has managed to survive the concept for six episodes, which is surprising considering its repetitive nature. Oh and a brief note, items are starting to disappear with each death and food like fruit decomposes the longer that both characters stay in a loop.

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