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Russian Doll Episode 7 plays out an unusual twist with the story seemingly getting darker with both characters experiencing an undesirable scenario.

This recap of Russian Doll Episode 7 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Okay, so the series took a dark, weird turn. Russian Doll Episode 7 had all the hallmarks of a trippy thriller. Both characters come up with another theory that the night they first died they had missed something in the deli store. Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) gives this scientific speech about relativity and how they are working on a different timeline, which is why fruit is starting to decompose.

And then the story takes a turn. On the way to the deli store, Nadia sees her young child self across the road, which gives her an instant heart attack. She tries again, and the same incident happens. Also, people in her and Alan’s (Charlie Barnett) lives start disappearing, making the party we’ve also become so accustomed to feel eerie and out of place. Russian Doll Episode 7 is what we have been waiting for: answers.

With Alan and Nadia constantly dying, they finally make it to the apartment to discuss next steps. Alan believes that they need to patch up old wounds – he needs to speak appropriately to his ex about the breakup and Nadia needs to make peace regarding her mother. Alan visits his ex’s apartment and has a reasonable conversation about his behaviors and the break up while Nadia sees the therapist that used to know her mother. Both seem to be making progress, but then Nadia decides to meet her ex’s daughter, only to find her merging into her younger self – Alan’s nose starts bleeding, and Nadia starts having a seizure.

It’s extraordinary that Russian Doll has gone down this path. However, it had to be something that was entirely unexpected for it to work. The fact that Nadia’s issues jump back to her childhood makes a lot of sense to the overarching story, and as for Alan, well, we knew had some serious issues to iron out with his ex. Let’s see what the finale has in store.

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