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Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 1 was, if anything, a premise setter, and provided nothing unusual.

This recap of Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 1 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the next episode by clicking these words.

Memories of the Alhambra has ended, so Netflix has added a new South Korean series to our weekends titled Romance Is a Bonus Book. I will be covering this comprehensively every week, so please make sure you give me your thoughts in the comments.

Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 1 sets the premise. It opens up with Kang Dan-yi’s (Nayoung Lee) wedding, initially getting cold feet to marry Dong-min, who enters the ceremony with a Gangnam style sort of dance. At the wedding, we are also introduced to Cha Eun-ho (Jong-Suk Lee) who we later find out is the Chief Editor of a reputable publishing company. It’s clear that both have an unspoken romantic connection regardless of the scenario.

Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 1 fast forwards a year later, with Kang Dan-yi now divorced with children, regretting that she got married to Dong-min years before. After looking after her children for seven years, she decides she wants a career. All the potential employers shoot her down, not even entertaining the idea that she was a hardworking mother – they do not buy her excuse to stop working.

Cha Eun-ho spends most of Episode 1 providing his flashy look; he is a professor at a University on the side, and Kang Dan-yi reveals he is seeing several women. He is a character who is unmoved by the prospect of a meaningful relationship and blames it on Kang Dan-yi that he does not believe in love after the breakdown of her marriage.

After many job rejections, Kang Dan-yi ends up out in the cold, soaked from the rain and with nowhere to go. She demands to stay at Cha Eun-ho’s house. At his residence, she discovers his company is looking for new employees with no degree experience, which switches a lightbulb on in her head. The next day, Cha Eun-ho is surprised to see Kang Dan-yi showing up in the opening recruitment day.

Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 1 if anything was a scene setter, and nothing unusual.

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