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Endearing, sweet and silently romantic, Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 3 is starting to show the story’s true colours for the main characters.

This recap of Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 3 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Now that we have established that Kang Dan-yi (Nayoung Lee) has a job at the same publishing company as Chief Editor Cha Eun-ho (Jong-Suk Lee), Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 3 deals with the consequences of Dan-yi sneakily living in her friend’s house for free. As a token of good will, Eun-ho gives her three months to find a new place.

Dan-yi adjusts to life as a full-time office worker at a publishing company after a long, painful break. Her work is the life of an intern, getting heckled across the office to send out letters, water plants and buy “IVLs” (Iced Vanilla Lattes). Eun-ho, who is sweating over Dan-yi’s role in his company, keeps on sending her emails, trying to help her overcome the menial tasks. She does not like this and asks him to settle down.

Remember Ji Jeo-sun from Episode 1 that helped out Dan-yi in the rain? Well, he is known for creating excellent designs, and President Kim Jae Min wants him on board at the publishing company. I suspect there is a little chemistry between Ji Jeo-sun and Dan-yi which could potentially cause tension in future episodes.

The major plot point of Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 3 is Mrs. Go’s request for her colleagues to think of a blurb for a nearly published book. Dan-yi used to work in advertising before she was shackled to raising a family, so feels compelled to help. Mrs. Go is a force to be reckoned with, holding a miserable face at any sign of enthusiasm, suggesting that Dan-yi should stick to her current role. I found this to be incredibly difficult; I understand how unmotivating it can be to climb the corporate ladder.

Dan-yi suffers a blow to the gut, as she realizes Mrs. Go used one of her blurbs and silently took the credit; what upset her most if that Eun-ho did little to raise his voice at the time the blurb was chosen. Later that day, Dan-yi and Eun-ho get drunk, discussing work and showing that chemistry that grows with each chapter. We learn that when Eun-ho gets drunk, he gets a taxi to Dan-yi’s old house, which is now demolished, and stands outside. He realizes that night that he no longer needs to get a taxi, as Dan-yi lives with him, and the two hug outside for an absurd length of time.

Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 3 was ridiculously sweet, revealing some feelings between the two main characters.

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