‘Heroes in Crisis’ #5 | Comic Review

February 8, 2019
Louie Fecou 0
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Despite Clay Mann’s art being consistently impressive, Heroes in Crisis #5 continues to give him nothing to work with.



Despite Clay Mann’s art being consistently impressive, Heroes in Crisis #5 continues to give him nothing to work with.

Issue #5 of Tom King’s series Heroes in Crisis continues in much the same way as it started, and 5 issues in of a 9-issue story, I’m still not excited or engaged by the proceedings. The only reason I’m still picking this up is the amazing artwork from Clay Mann that consistently impresses, and it’s such a shame that the script gives him so little to work with. As news of The Sanctuary is leaked out, Superman holds a press conference.

That’s pretty much it.

During the conference, he behaves so out of character that I’m beginning to wonder if any of these characters are the real thing, or if this is part of a huge Skrull Marvel takeover of the DCU.

Once again there are 5 pages in a 9-panel grid of one of the cast talking to the AI in Sanctuary, who is effectively you, the reader, and it’s so boring now I want to skip over it, but I’m forced to read it in case there’s a plot point in there that I need to know.

I can imagine Mann getting the script through and sighing as he realizes that he’s in for another mind-numbing process of finding a way to make 9 panels of the same shot semi-interesting to the reader that has to plop down $3.99 for this snooze fest. It’s no wonder that his work swells and shines when he is given something meatier to do, such as a full page of Harley.

I mean there’s a two-page spread of Booster and Beetle sitting eating pizza, and he still manages to make that interesting.

Remember when comics had 2-page spreads that were filled with action, thrills, excitement, drama and Easter Eggs? Remember when Kirby would have 2 page spreads that almost seem to burst off the comic, filled with incredible images, and jaw-dropping heroes and villains engaged in all kinds of shenanigans that would get you hyped for the rest of the issue? Well, King uses his 2-page spread to show two minor characters sitting in a run-down bedsit, eating junk food and drinking. Yay, heroes kids.

I’m so disinterested with the plot here, that when we get a snippet of vital info later in the issue, I really didn’t care. I feel that the whole thing is based around one premise that will be the big reveal further in the run, and when it’s all over nothing will matter that much anyway, and we have sat through 9 issues of our heroes caught in some depressing cycle, staring into the abyss, that will neither affect their future performances in any way or impact on their regular run.

C’mon Mr. King, give us the heroes we want to see doing something heroic. I can watch a press conference any day of the week. You have the keys to the kingdom, stop dropping them down the toilet.

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