‘Child’s Play’ Trailer #1

February 9, 2019
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The Child’s Play franchise is one of genre film’s weirdest, which is incredibly high praise, all things considered. I’ve long since lost track of what the series even is at this point; I enjoyed the last film, but it felt like a back-to-basics retooling of a property that had basically become a pastiche of itself. I suggested in my review of that film that it felt like a reboot, in a way, albeit one that still cashed in on oodles of weird internal history and fan-pleasing flourishes. But this year, courtesy of Lars Klevberg, we’re getting a proper reboot. Fans will likely be upset. Non-fans will likely be confused. Frankly, who knows what the finished product is even going to look like. To give us a clue, we have the first official trailer, which you can watch below.

Child’s Play Trailer #1

Slated for release on June 21, 2019, and starring the excellent and terribly underrated Aubrey Plaza alongside Brian Tyree Henry and Gabriel Bateman, Child’s Play looks to rewrite Chucky’s history, do away with most of the bullshit that occurred in the innumerable sequels, and presumably treat the whole thing like a proper horror project again. The success of that endeavor remains to be seen, obviously.

As for the trailer, it doesn’t give much away, which is presumably for the best. A fancy-pants technology focus seems to suggest that the new Chucky is some kind of rogue AI… thing, rather than a possessed voodoo doll, but Chucky is Chucky, right? He’s a doll that kills people – it doesn’t really make much difference what his internal workings consist of. Perhaps the most frightening aspect of the trailer – and, really, the entire premise – is that Gabriel Bateman seems way too old to be playing with dolls.

Anyway, let us know what you think about our first look at the new version of Chucky. Excited? Skeptical? Angry? Share away.

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