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February 10, 2019
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Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 6 is convoluted and sometimes strong, but significant answers are revealed, even if they are lazily slotted in.

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Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 6 is convoluted and sometimes strong, but significant answers are revealed, even if they are lazily slotted in.

This recap of Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 6 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

To mark another weekend of Korean Netflix, we are offered a mixed bag episode, with chapter 6 starting and ending strongly, but the middle act was weirdly convoluted, feeling indifferent to the rest of the series.

But at least the story stays consistent. Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 6 explores the strange dynamic happening between Eun-ho (Jong-Suk Lee), Dan-i (Nayoung Lee), Ji Seo-jun and Hae-rin. While Hae-rin is at Eun-ho’s house, placing another hidden romantic letter in his bookshelves and looking for clues on the mystery woman he lives with, Dan-i and Ji Seo-jun are enjoying Udon noodles at a nearby cafe.

To make the plot more ironic, Dan-i and Ji Seo-jun end up discussing the retired writer that made the publishing company successful in the first place. Their conversation is conveniently sidetracked by Eun-ho who rings Dan-i asking where she is. Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 6 offers an excellent awkward moment as the four sit in a cafe, figuring each other out. The shock on both Ji Seo-jun and Eun-ho’s face when they realize their paths are not connected because of Dan-i is amusing.

Chapter six shows Eun-ho’s pure jealousy. When they return home, he questions her friendship with the graphic book designer, and passionately states that she will always have him, and his home. Dan-i reverts it to the friend zone, indicating that what Eun-ho is saying is corny, and women do not like that kind of talk. To add salt to the wound, Ji Seo-hun tells Eun-ho he has feelings for Dan-i, persuading him to fighting talk. The battle for Dan-i is indeed on.

Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 6 then veers to a random story where the company attends a children’s orphanage, almost as a charitable project. Mrs. Seo announces she is now divorced, with most of her colleagues at the company unaware it is with someone from within the same workplace. The middle act always shows a flashback between Eun-ho and President Kim Jae Min; a primary answer is thrown at us – the retired writer that is haunting them both is Eun-ho’s father. This slice of plot knowledge is useful but was lazily slotted into the series for some odd reason.

But then the closing stages of chapter six gave us some fruit to gnaw on. As the new book is about to be published, Ms. Go calls Eun-ho and Hae-rin into a meeting. She calmly explains that Dan-i’s name is written in the copyright section and that she is not in marketing, but merely part of the task team. Hae-rin agrees to remove it from the page, but Eun-ho attempts to professionally defend Dan-i, which unfortunately goes unheard. It is deeply saddening to see Dan-i over the moon about her name in the book, to hear Hae-rin remove it from the final publication moments later. She looked super proud.

That moment becomes a double-blow as Ms. Go sends her off to another pointless errand, but this also gives Dan-i the chance to have a video call with her daughter. This was an opportune moment in the series for us to have insight into Dan-i as a mother, something we have not been exposed to prior. On her return to the offices, social media has exploded regarding the book, and while Ms. Go calmly acknowledges, Eun-ho confirms they can move to the second edition.

Dan-i does make a breakthrough thankfully, finding out that Ms. Go did not steal her blurb, but happened to think of the same sentences herself. Learning this gives Dan-i perspective. She ends strongly, vowing to do her best for the company rather than worry too much about her progression – she loves books and wants them to do well.

As usual, Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 6 ends up on a heart tangling cliffhanger. Eun-ho gives Dan-i a copy of the book before its revision and explains her ideas have done remarkably well. As Dan-i enjoys the compliments, she receives a call from Ji Seo-hun, and he asks her out for dinner.

And once again, to mark the end of the week, speak to you next time.

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