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By Daniel Hart
Published: February 20, 2019
You Might Be The Killer


You Might Be The Killer explores the usual horror tropes using comedy in fun, entertaining ways.

If you are a frequent horror viewer, then You Might Be The Killer will serve to amuse you. Brett Simmons’ horror comedy explores the generic genre tropes that we have all become accustomed to. It’s predictable, average, but entertaining, and I think that’s the point. The director’s project was to have some fun and explore an almost alternate Universe where a character observes how a film like this works in its usual processes.

The premise: Sam (Fran Kranz) is at a retreat with other counselors for some team-building exercise. Whatever the purpose it does not matter in the grand scheme of things. A killer who savagely murdered his friends is on the loose and Sam, who is extremely spooked and covered in blood, calls Chuck, played by Alyson Hannigan, who is an entertainment store clerk. Chuck is the horror-nerd in You Might Be The Killer and as the movie progresses, she finds references and uses her knowledge bank to figure out what may or may not happen next to guide Sam.

Very early on, Chuck suggests that Sam is the killer, and his blackouts are when the murders occur. You Might Be The Killer sends the audience down a path where Sam retraces his steps and figures out the events that happened since he has been at this retreat. The horror comedy is all built upon irony, that the killer trying to find the killer is the killer, but that’s what makes it a standard and funny popcorn feature. It’s not meant to be taken seriously.

You Might Be The Killer is a respectable one hour and thirty-two minutes long – any longer, and it would have been slightly insufferable. The performances are encouraging enough for this type of movie, and Alyson Hannigan does not have to do much apart from stay on the phone and nerd out on various pop culture references. Her character offers a quirky side to the entire experience by being brutally and innocently honest when discussing Sam’s chances of surviving. She truly understands that Sam’s experiences are going to follow the usual path of a horror story, with the last girl ready to pounce.

You Might Be The Killer is a relaxing Sunday evening movie you should watch to chill out and be amused byr – nothing more, and that’s fine. We need that sometimes.

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