‘The Rookie’ Episode 14 “Plain Clothes Day” Promo, Preview & Predictions

February 20, 2019
Daniel Hart 0
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Episode 13 of The Rookie gave us plenty of drama and something for us to chew on. Episode 14, “Plain Clothes Day”, looks like it will be offering more comedy.

The Rookie Episode 14 “Plain Clothes Day” Promo:

As the title suggests, the training officers will be wearing their regular clothes for the day, watching their rookies in full uniform and roaming the streets. They will more likely berate their mentees and further destroy their morale for joining the force. There will probably be some form of workplace banter and bullying for good measure as well.

The sergeant claims that the training officers will be on the scene from an observational perspective – I do wonder if these training techniques exist in real life – but let’s suspend our belief at least for the cop drama. You can already guarantee that John will be his usually flustered self as he tries to act normally under the pressured gaze of Talia Bishop while also trying to remain morally correct about his job. In fact, in the promo above he is already panicking while calling in a police code.

In the last episode, The Rookie calmed down the storyline of John and Lucy, so it may be expected that the story of the romantic pair to continue here, especially after Lucy’s admission in the polygraph test that she has lied to protect an officer. Also, Tim Bradford’s story surrounding his wife cooled down after that soppy Valentine’s Day episodeThe Rookie has this habit of sweeping major plot points under the carpet. I am sure “Plain Clothes Day” will give us some of the previous stories, and a dramatic ending.

Regardless, Episode 14, “Plain Clothes Day”, looks amusing. Let’s hope the writing has some effort involved and is not shoehorned in as series filler. Regardless, we will be here to recap it next week!

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