‘Suits’ Season 8, Episode 16 – The Finale, “Harvey” | Promo and Preview

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 22, 2019 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Suits Season 8 Episode 16 - Harvey - things are heating up

This is it, it’s time for the big knockout, and hopefully, season 8 of Suits ends with fireworks. Episode 16, the finale, has been teasingly titled “Harvey”. After the conclusion of the last episode, we know why! Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) is back, and he is suing the firm. The little rat always shows up to try and ruin the family. Here is the promo trailer!

Harvey and Donna have had each other’s backs plenty of times, but on this occasion, it may become sore for the two of them. Harvey has lost a large client and finds himself sued over the situation due to Donna giving Thomas inside information about essential negotiations. In the promo above for “Harvey”, Donna is seen beating herself up about getting Harvey in trouble. Daniel seems his usual cocky self and Harvey is his usual aggressive self when approaching the situation.

At one point, Daniel calls Harvey to the stand in the 26 seconds of footage. I wonder what he has on Harvey that allows him to instruct that motion confidently? In another scene, Harvey is seeing throwing objects around his office – I wonder if he has realized that Daniel has him beaten? My hopeful prediction is that Harvey destroys that son-of-a-bitch and Donna launches into his arms for a kissing embrace, but we all know that things are never as simple in Suits. Here is a very vague premise for the finale, “Harvey”:

When Hardman comes looking for retribution, the firm rallies to Harvey’s defense.

Regardless, I am sure the finale will end on a painful cliffhanger to lead into the ninth and final ever season of the legal drama. Season 8 has teased the Harvey/Donna storyline for quite some time now, and you can imagine the writers are tempted to tease the loyal fanbase one last time. We shall see.

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