‘Romance Is a Bonus Book’ Episode 9 | Netflix TV Recap

February 23, 2019 (Last updated: February 24, 2019)
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Romance is a bonus book episode 9


Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 9 deepens the characters’ intentions and opens up new subplots that are rather engaging.

This recap of Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 9 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

The last episode opened the door for Eun-ho to translate his feelings. Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 9 is a patiently progressive chapter. The only issue is, Eun-ho (Jong-Suk Lee) is terrible at being emotionally attractive, and when Dan-i (Nayoung Lee) asks him if he likes her, he suddenly walks off. The pair argue as always, leading him to deny that idea, then seconds later he cockily case studies himself and confesses that he loves her. Dan-i sees this as a joke. Romance Is a Bonus Book is a spotlight on two grown adults not able to communicate appropriately.

Another romance is blossoming as a consequence of Eun-ho and Dan-i’s mishaps. Hae-rin and Ji Seo-jun are admiring the snow but at the same time, wondering why their love interests are not texting back. They both go their separate ways but then ironically end up at the same museum.

Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 9 presents a new issue at the publishing company. As they celebrate a new book release, the president and Ms Go find a problem, but unfortunately, the author has already received a copy. The author bio was wrong, and Hae-rin was responsible for the publication. In anger, she drinks a quick carton of alcohol and demands that Ji-yul resigns who she initially delegated the task to. Her punishment is to put a stick over the mistake for over 5,000 books, but luckily Park Hoon, who madly fancies Ji-yul, comes to her rescue and helps her.

Romance Is a Bonus Book somehow always manages to make the publishing company an engaging subplot – Dan-i is praised publically by Eun-ho for her social media strategy that has resulted in additional orders. The following scenes are quite intimate – he decides to buy a necklace but wants Dan-i to choose and try it on. Episode 9 plays out the usual romantic scene of the man slowly placing the necklace around the woman’s neck; this moment eats away at Dan-i.

Before the significant ending, Hae-rin is under the impression that no-one lives at Eun-ho’s house after asking Dan-i about her experiencing digitising the book. Despite her downturn in fortune, she manages to get Ji Seo-jun to sign up to a ‘5 book design deal’ before heading over to Eun-ho’s house. In a painful moment for Hae-rin, she learns that Eun-ho has seen all her hidden letters that hold her feelings for him, and he breaks up with her in the most helpful way possible.

While Hae-rin is heartbroken, Ji Seo-jun and Dan-i are having dinner together, but the book designer notices something is up. Dan-i goes on some monologue about a book she feels differently about, but metaphorically she is discussing Eun-ho. While she indirectly spills her scenario to Ji Seo-jun, Eun-ho gets an urgent call. He speeds to this house, where a man is severely wounded, and he sobs uncontrollably. I assume this man is his father, but I am sure the next episode will provide more context.

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