‘Larva Island’ Season 2 Now Available on Netflix

March 1, 2019
Jonathon Wilson 0
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Reviewing kids’ shows is a pointless endeavour, as the little tykes like what they like, especially if you tell them not to. But since YouTube Kids has been sneakily infiltrated by the hideous bug-eyed visage of a ghoul that encourages them to self-harm, and since despite being debunked as a hoax many parents have justifiably banned YouTube from their homes, the time might just be right for Netflix to thoroughly close off the kids’ programming marketplace. Thus, this public service announcement is alerting all conscientious parents to the existence of Larva Island Season 2, the sequel to the spin-off of the beloved Korean animated series Larva.

Netflix are no stranger to Korean properties, as our own Dan Hart will tell you at length, and with such a devoted fanbase, most of whom are outside Korea, the K-stuff genre is a good business bet for the streaming giant. And as a parent, let me tell you – kids will be into Larva Island Season 2, even if parents probably won’t be.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This show might be a relatively safe alternative to random auto-playing episodes of Peppa Pig on YouTube, but it’ll still teach your kids helpful lessons such as slapstick violence being the answer to petty disagreements, the inherent and endless comedy value of farting, and that the best body part to touch other people with is your tongue. Then again the series continues the adventures of two grubs, Red and Yellow, who don’t really have much choice but to use their tongues for everything. I envy them, in a way.

So, since it’s nonsensical and packed with gross-out, bodily-function-related humour, your kids will (pun intended) likely lap up Larva Island Season 2. If you’re a moral puritan you’re probably a bit annoyed with me for drawing attention to it, but if you’re a sensible parent who knows that distractions are very important in a busy household, I might have just done you a favour.

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