‘Baptiste’ Episode 3 Recap Who's the daddy?



Baptiste Episode 3 provided some major developments, revealing previously unknown connections between the characters and raising many new questions.

This recap of Baptiste Episode 3 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

It was full steam ahead in Baptiste Episode 3, as the halfway point of the BBC’s spin-off detective drama provided some overdue answers and presented plenty more questions. Between low-key relationships, Romanian gangs, and long-lost children, it’s all going off.

Let’s recap. Firstly: Edward (Tom Hollander), who I suggested last week was pretty blatantly up to no good. Baptiste Episode 3 presents him as being a bit more sympathetically idiotic. After coming to see Natalie (Anna Prochniak) as a kind of surrogate daughter, he foolishly agreed to steal €1 million from a Romanian gang known as the Brigada Serbilu in order to finesse the release of Natalie’s sister, who was being trafficked. That went abysmally, leading Edward to thoroughly earn the ire of gangster Constantin (Alec Secareanu), and thus end up with a decaying head knocking around the house. Think the horse in The Godfather, I guess.

But now we know why the Romanians are quite so pissed off with Edward and Baptiste (Tcheky Karyo): They want their dough back. Elsewhere, but still in keeping with the theme of better understanding the connections between seemingly disparate characters, we learned that the pleasant tulip farmer Herman (Gijs de Lange) is the father of Natalie’s abusive baby daddy and thus the grandfather of her son. He also has the missing million, sent to him by Natalie for the betterment of her sprog – the problem is he doesn’t actually have the money anymore since someone as yet unknown has nicked it.

So: the Romanian’s missing moolah is missing again after having been sent to the grandfather of the son the sister of a sex trafficking victim persuaded someone to steal from Romanian gangsters. Do try and keep up.

Meanwhile in Baptiste Episode 3, Genevieve (Jessica Raine) – a British liaison officer working at Europol – is doing the whole bureaucratic meddling shtick by trying to derail Baptiste and convince Edward to go dangerously undercover, in the hopes of bringing down Brigada Serbilu’s higher-ups in that deeply unsympathetic, pragmatic way reserved exclusively for government muckety-mucks on crime shows. Baptiste and Edward both are fuming at her intervention, which is understandable – they’ve got plenty to worry about as it is.

In Baptiste’s case, he has even more reason to be stressed, as it turns out that Niels (Boris van Severen) is his long-lost son, and that Martha (Barbara Sarafian) has been keeping it quiet for ages. Baptiste Episode 3 ends with the usually chilled detective turning up at Martha’s door impatiently seeking some justification for the deception. Will he get it? I suppose we’ll find out next week.

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