DC Comics Previews Round-Up | May 2019

March 3, 2019
Louie Fecou 0

Fans of The Batman can rejoice as we see (another) Batman mini series starting in May. Batman Last Knight on Earth is a mini-series from fan-favorite creative team Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, and appears on DC’s Black Label. See Batman wandering through a post-apocalypse DC universe, encountering many familiar faces and trying to piece together what has went so terribly wrong. I have a few ideas I could throw at him for starters.

Meanwhile, Bendis, Snyder and James Tynion IV are bringing us DC’s latest event with Year Of The Villain. Lex Luthor and The Legion Of Doom are on the war path,and they are enlisting everyone’s help, including Cosmic Gods, to send mankind on a dark and deadly path. Expect lots of villainy, including variant covers and multiple crossovers, but the good news is that the first issue is a lovely 25 cents; might as well grab one.

Also in the schedules, look out for the hopefully un-ironic DCeased issue #1, which has a techno-virus released on Earth, leading to a pandemic of epic proportion. Written by Tom Taylor, it seems writers won’t be happy till the DC Universe has been totally wiped out one way or another.There’s a groovy horror movie variant cover (IT) that’s worth a look though.

There’s a resolicit for Batman and The Outsiders in May, and Heroes In Crisis finally comes to an end, in case anyone is still reading it. Tom King also delivers issue #70 of Batman, as fans everywhere prepare themselves for his 100th issue, and you can grab issue #71 too as DC hurry things up the best they can.

In the grown-up DCU, hopefully May will see the third and final issue of Batman Damned, fingers crossed it arrives on time, and the fantastic Joelle Jones brings us Catwoman Annual #1. Annual-wise, look for Detective Comics Annual #2 by Peter J Tomasi and Travis Moore, and the return of The Black Casebook.

Allegedly, Doomsday Clock #11 should be out as we trundle towards the conclusion of what should have been the comic event of the year, but scheduling has killed the momentum here and there’s not too much hype for this title anymore, and Flash Year One begins with issues #70 and #71 by Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter.

All your usual DC titles are expected, but look for a hardback edition of Batman Damned, which begs the question: will it be censored? Also back in print is Miller and Mazzuchelli’s Batman Year One, a masterclass in comic book storytelling that should be used as a lesson plan for what real comics can achieve with the right talent.

Finally, there’s a deluxe edition of Detective Comics 1000, with an all-star line up including Paul Dini, Dennis O’Neil, Kevin Smith, Neal Adams and Kelly Jones, bringing you a celebration of all things Batman and the first appearance of Arkham Knight.

Grab an issue of this title at the end of this month, and get the deluxe version in May.

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