‘Cheat’ Episode 3 Recap The truth.



Rose’s past and the truth is revealed in Cheat Episode 3, in an enticing penultimate chapter to the ITV drama.

This recap of Cheat Episode 3 contains spoilers. You can read our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Cheat Episode 3 has Leah (Katherine Kelly) starting in an emotional daze, as she cannot continue the review for Rose’s (Molly Windsor) dissertation. Rose has her right where she wants after Adam was sexting her the night before. Leah decides to hide her parent’s house to distract herself and prepare for their wedding anniversary, but Adam (Tom Goodman-Hill) is determined to speak to her. As he arrives at her parent’s house, he learns that Leah knows about the sexting, but also that Leah is finally pregnant. A moment that was meant to be beautiful was tragic.

Meanwhile, Leah’s Dad Michael (Peter Firth) visits Rose and pleads for her to stop and that he is sorry for his mistake – a mistake we learn later in the episode.

Cheat Episode 3 becomes a moment of grieving for Leah and Adam; they “break up” but Adam is keen to try and give her space while she considers the situation with the baby. Rose appears to be reveling in her glory, as Michael tries to persuade her to stop. Eventually, Adam does manage to catch Leah, but she rejects his suggestions to talk and looks at him with disgust before walking off. Adam shows his weakness again, responding to Rose’s text and visits the college to meet her. Rose is sat on top of the building, smiling.

Considering Adam is a lecturer, he is not very wise; Rose persuades him for sex, and he immediately obliges. This was the student’s opportunity to take his phone. Leah returns to the house, believing Adam is there, but he isn’t. She finds his phone, and then Adam appears, sweating out an unconvincing excuse to why Rose had his mobile and hands Leah the photo he found at the apartment; a picture of Leah and her dad. You can tell Leah half believes him, and is also half suspicious of his shaky narrative of the night. Adam, in last a ditch attempt to get out of this situation, tells Leah that he loves her and that she is the only woman he’d had a baby with.

At Leah’s parent’s wedding anniversary, everyone is in a celebratory mood, but Leah confronts her father Michael about why Rose has a photo of them both. And it’s revealed from that Michael is Rose’s father; she isn’t just Leah’s student; they are related. This entire ordeal and Rose’s motives have all become clear. She is trying to gain revenge for all the lies in the past. Adam loses his patience with Rose after she reveals the truth. It becomes an argument about who Leah will believe about the night, and in a rage, Adam starts strangling her. All the desperation and months of trying to have a baby with Leah has consumed him, it seems.

In the next scene, Rose rings Ben (Burn Gorman), explaining she’s in trouble and needs his help. Leah is trying to explain to the police how she found Adam dead. It all appears that Rose killed him, but we will find out the truth in the fourth and final episode.

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