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March 15, 2019
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The story is more evident in Turn Up Charlie Episode 2 as Gabby turns up the heat to try to force Charlie to quit as her nanny.

This recap of Turn Up Charlie episode 2 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

After the last episode when Gabby insisted she is going to make Charlie (Idris Elba) quick to beat her record, Turn Up Charlie Episode 2 proved her point. The chapter begins with Charlie on Skype to his parents, pretending to be in an executive office shouting at interns for a coffee. His parents are old-fashioned, insisting that Alicia, the woman he isn’t even with anymore, should have kids first. He promises to buy them a new car and an oven with money he doesn’t have, and Auntie Lydia is fuming that he continues lying about his life.

Charlie attempts to be the nanny in Episode 2, accompanying Gabby (Frankie Hervey) at this club event for her Sara (Piper Perabo). It’s safe to say his efforts to be Gabby’s friend/nanny fails, as she does everything in her power to make it difficult for him. At one point she sits with one of Sara’s executives drinking alcohol (we soon find out it was a mocktail) and then swiftly helps a rapper roll a joint. The executive, who I suspect fancies Charlie, explains that he must treat her like an adult rather than a child. Unfortunately, I can see Charlie’s struggles – she is insufferably spoilt.

Her behavior doesn’t improve, forcing Charlie to take her back to his apartment with Auntie Lydia and Del (Guz Khan). Gabby proceeds to offend everyone at the dinner table, and then resorts to telling Gabby that her father thinks he won’t ever make it, he’s a one-hit wonder and only spends his money on drugs and women. You can see this hurt Charlie, forcing him to quit. When Gabby returns home, she explains what she said and why he has resigned, and the episode ends with David trying to call Charlie.

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