‘Turn Up Charlie’ Episode 3 | Netflix TV Recap School is hard.



Turn Up Charlie Episode 3 gives us the memories of that first daunting day at school, with Gabby having to re-adjust to her life in England.

This recap of Turn Up Charlie Episode 3 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Turn Up Charlie Episode 3 is the aftermath to Charlie (Idris Elba) and David (JJ Feild) falling out. For the majority of the chapter, neither character is in touch. Instead, the series focuses on Gabby, who is about to embark on her first day at school. As daunting as it is, she is desperate for her parents to be there for her. She wakes up for breakfast and sees her dad has made her a wonderful meal to start the day, but unfortunately, her mother Sara (Piper Perabo) is not there, too busy at the recording studio producing music for one of her artists.

At school, Gabby (Frankie Hervey) struggles to socialise and bed in. She experiences bullying for the first time by a group of older girls who start gossiping about her parents. But Gabby creates her downfall – at PE, she mocks the teacher, explaining that it’s much more important to learn the periodic table than play lacrosse. Accidentally, she fires the lacrosse ball at the PE teacher’s breast, which results in getting sent to the headteacher’s office.

Gabby suffers her first ever panic attack, and because neither parent is available, Charlie gets called to pick her up. They ride on the bus home together, and Gabby leans on Charlie sobbing about her experiences. Finally, her mum shows up to comfort her.

Turn Up Charlie Episode 3 ends with David and Charlie making friends. The family invited Charlie to ten-pin bowling and there, they beg him to become her nanny again, and in exchange, they will give him studio time. Charlie makes it clear he will accept the offer only if he doesn’t have to put up with her ****, and that will be their responsibility.

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