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Turn Up Charlie Episode 6 brings Charlie closer to the family, in an episode that raises many questions as to how this series will end.

This recap of Turn Up Charlie episode 6 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Turn Up Charlie Episode 6 is the first of the series that doesn’t feature David (JJ Feild) and it’s evident why. The series wants you to understand the positive impact Charlie (Idris Elba) is having on his best friend’s family, but it might cause more harm than good. We shall see.

Gabby (Frankie Hervey), Sara (Piper Perabo) and Charlie plus the executive he’s sleeping with in secret, all attend a festival. It’s meant to be a chance for Gabby and Sara to bond, but the young girl is so distracted by the young boy she’s just made friends with, and they soon lose her. Sara panics and asks Charlie to help find Gabby. The rest of Turn Up Charlie Episode 6 is Sara and Charlie looking to find Gabby.

At one point, Sara and Charlie are “kind of” play fighting and one of the executives asks if they are *******. They both deny the fact, but they are warned they must be careful of what they look like in front of the media. An agent that keeps on bugging Charlie about going to Ibiza also raises the same thing. The issue is not that the pair are brewing a romance, it’s that Charlie has become a good role model in the family, amongst the problems that David and Sara are having.

They finally find Gabby who got flustered in a rave. Sara starts her gig, and in Charlie’s surprise, she plays his new tune. As the episode ends, Gabby tells Charlie that her dad was like him. He quickly dismisses that idea, but something is stirring in Sara’s brain.

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